DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeWho says Mondays, or tissue boxes for that matter, have to be dull? Certainly not me! After looking at an ugly and brown tissue box on my desk for a few weeks, I decided that is was about time to mix things up a bit and bust out the sparkle. And of course, what better way to do that than with pink spray paint and rhinestones?!

Time: 30 minutes + dry time
Materials: spray paint, wooden tissue box, rhinestones, E-6000 glue
Cost: $17 – $20

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeIf you use a wooden box, you wont have to worry about the paint chipping off (could happen with the wrong plastic tissue box). You can also use tacky glue here if you don’t have E-6000.

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeSo this tutorial could not be any easier. Paint your box, let dry. Glue on rhinestones and let dry. Just be sure to let each side dry a bit before moving on otherwise your rhinestones may move (if the glue isn’t dry, they could slide down the box).

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeSlide over a tissue box, and boom, you’re done! Now, I realize that most of you will not want a rhinestone covered tissue box in your home, but I think it makes a fun addition to any office. You can also do a toned down version of this if you were looking to work it into your everyday decor.

So what do you think?! Too much? Or not enough?

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life


  • Monique | WritingMonique

    So easy. So cute! I love this idea!


    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Yay, thanks lady! Rhinestones for the win!

  • A Charming Project

    J’adore!!!! A brilliant everyday use for rhinestones!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks doll! Maybe I should start a new column called everyday rhinestones? :)

  • HelloLidy

    As always, so cute!!


    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks love!

  • Jen Carreiro

    SO cute!!!!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Jen! Thank you!

  • Amber Kemp-Gerstel

    This makes sneezing SO much more fashionable.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      What every girl struggles with, am I right?!

  • Breanna

    Well this is just too cute. So easy and fun!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Yay! Thank you so much Bre!

  • Cyd

    This is so so cute!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Cyd, you sweetheart! Thank you!

  • Haeley Giambalvo

    Love it! I think my girls would enjoy making a version of this. They LOVE rhinestones, sequins, jewels, etc. ;)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Your girls sound like my new BFFs! How cute would those be in their bedrooms?!

  • GS Smith

    I love it!!