Galentine’s Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

Time: 45 minutes
Materials: oven-bake clay, cookie cutter, embossing set, rolling tool, wax paper

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

Well ladies, Galentine’s day is quickly approaching. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this and come right back because you’re going to want to learn how to make these clay GIRLBOSS gift tags for all your friends!

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

1. On wax paper, roll out our clay, making sure the surface is smooth and level.

2. Use your cookie cutter to make the heart shape. Remove excess and set aside. You can use the scraps later to make marbled hearts.

3. Load your stamp tool (it will be a reverse image), then stamp one line at a time, for example, I stamped the word ‘girl’ first in all the hearts before moving on to ‘boss’.

4. Bake at 275°F for 15 minutes. Let cool and attach to your gifts with super tape, glue dots, hot glue, etc. You can also punch a hole in the hearts before baking if you’d rather string them onto your packages.

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

Easy as that! How are you celebrating Galentine’s day this year?

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

Galentine's Day DIY: Clay Girlboss Gift Tags

  • Laura – Paper&Pin

    I made some Galentine’s Day sweet boxes complete with Knope-quotes (check ’em out here! which I’m going to hand them out to all my gal pals!
    Love these! Well done you poetic and noble land mermaid!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      YES! Thank you so much for sharing Laura, love these :)

  • Shastablasta

    I’ve never heard the term galentine but I guess I’ve been celebrating it for years!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Say what?! Parks and Rec girl, watch it!

  • Jeanine H

    Just wondering what brand of clay you used here? Lovin the colors!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks! It’s by Craft Smart, which I was able to get at Michaels. They have so many colors to choose from!

  • Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    Rachel this is so cute! I LOVE the stamp font and the marbled hearts. Gorgeous colors <3

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Aww yay, thanks fellow girlboss <3!

  • Casey Starks

    Love these!!!

  • Monique

    Adorable! I love the marbled hearts! Gorgeous!


  • gwen

    Those are way to fun! You’re so amazing…

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