Kentucky Mule Recipe

Click through to learn how to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail!It may be Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a cocktail (after work, that is). Next week I’ll be sharing a project with the empty ginger beer bottles, so be sure to keep them after you finish making yourself a refreshing Kentucky Mule!

Click through to learn how to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail!

Learn how to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail!What you’ll need:

– 1-1.5 shots of bourbon
– 5 fl oz. of a ginger beer
– juice of one lime
– ice

FIll glass with 4-5 ice cubes, then pour in your shot(s) of bourbon.  Add the juice of one lime then the chilled ginger beer until glass is full. Stir, then top off with a lime wedge on the side and serve. Cheers!

Learn how to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail!

Click through to learn how to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail!

  • Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    When I’m watching Mad Men and see them having drinks at work, i think about how I was born decades too late. How wonderful that would be if it was still ok to do that lol! LOVE mules. Really, I love anything with whiskey. You styled this so beautifully!!! Curious to know, what lens are you using?

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Right?! Though I’m not sure how productive I’d be if I were to drink these like Don Draper :)

      My go-to lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II! You can find them pretty cheap (about $100). Here it is on Amazon:

  • Carmen-FlairExchange

    I love a mule, of any kind! Bookmarking this for the next shindig.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Same here, the lime in this one is so refreshing! Perfect for summer :)

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  • JSM

    Great design and photography for this post. Was disappointed when I found the rest of your blog wasn’t about craft cocktails!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thank you so much! You should check out my friend’s site, her work is absolutely beautiful!