DIY Rubber Stamp

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: speedy-cut carving blocklinoleum cutter, pen

DIY Rubber Stamp | The Crafted Life
Making your own rubber stamp is easier than you might think. With only a few basic lines you can create a simple and unique pattern within 10 minutes!

Cut your carving block to the ideal size. The materials is soft enough to do with an X-Acto knife or pair of scissors.

Draw on your patten and color in the area you was to remove. The area that it left will be the pattern that shows up when you stamp.

DIY Rubber Stamp | The Crafted Life
Carve out the colored lines, ink, then stamp!

DIY Rubber Stamp | The Crafted Life

DIY Rubber Stamp | The Crafted Life

  • MichelleB

    I have wanted to try this, but was afraid that I wouldn’t like something that wasn’t carved with perfectly straight lines. I think I’m over that now seeing your stamp!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Oh yay! I hope you give the project a try! I love the pattern that crooked lines make :)

  • iHanna

    Oh awesome! I love carving stamps!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      It’s so fun, isn’t it?! I’d love to get a bit more technical some day, right now the easier the better :)

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