Behind the Scenes: Bedroom Makeover

Behind the Scenes: Bedroom MakeoverI’ve been working on fixing up our bedroom lately and wanted to share a little bit of the behind the scenes today. The current task: finding a bed side table. I want it to be unique (and affordable), so I’m going the diy route. And while I’m no furniture builder, there are a few amazing tutorials out that that look easy enough!

Behind the Scenes: Bedroom MakeoverAfter snapping a few pictures of the space with my new Intel Tablet, I went directly to Pinterest to start looking for ideas. The best part about using a tablet as a tool is that I was able to get an idea of my space, browse for ideas, and order all my supplies from the space place. The Intel Tablet RealSense technology also allows you to measure distances on photographs, so I didn’t even have to bust out my tape measurer in order to determine what size the table needed to be.  I basically just took a picture and the camera measured the distance between my bed an the window. Seriously, how cool is that?!

After browsing a bunch of DIYs, and a few cake recipes here and there, I found that these seven projects were were totally do-able and right up my alley:

7 Must-Try Side Table DIYS

1. Mid Century Side Table by Sugar & Cloth

2. Wire Basket Side Table by Oleander and Palm

3. Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Table by Fall For DIY

4. Wood Slab Table by Emily Henderson

5. Crate Table by Dwell Beautiful

6. Ikea Side Table Hack by Style Me Pretty

7. Tree Stump Table by Martha Stewart


Which one is your favorite? I’ll be revealing the one I made next week, so be sure to come back and see!

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Office Makeover: Before

Office Makeover, The Crafted LifeThat’s right folks, I’m back with another week of makeover posts! Since our garage is done, it’s time to move into the house and fix up the room that gets the most use: my office.

Office Makeover, The Crafted LifeWhen we lived in SF my desk was directly next to our bed, which was really not ideal for working at home. Having this new dedicated work space is a HUGE improvement and I really wanted to make it my own. The start is certainly not as bad at my garage was, but it still wasn’t me. Continue reading…

Garage Makeover: The Reveal!

Garage Makeover by The Crafted LifeOur garage makeover is officially DONE, whew! I can’t tell you how good that feels to say!

My goal for the space was to have multiple working areas. I tend to use tools from time to time, but I also wanted a nicer spot where I could sit down and craft. I was so fortunate to partner with Wayfair on this project, because they have everything I needed. And I mean everything– I even ordered tape and protractors from them! If you missed the before pictures, you can see them here. But let’s get to why you’re really here… the after shots! Continue reading…