DIY Ombre Pegboard

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: pegboard, drop cloth, Montana GOLD spray paint

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY Giveaway


So, as you may know, I’m in the midst of an office makeover (here’s a sneak peek!). While digging through my boxes of supplies on a regular basis, it occurred to me that I need a better way of organizing some of my frequently used crafting essentials. And what better way to do that than with a painted ombre pegboard?

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY GiveawayYesterday I showed you how to use Montana’s acrylic paint markers to decorate a planter, but for today’s project, I’m using their GOLD spray paint. This line in particular is my go-to for spray paint. They really have the best colors (takes a few minutes of shaking just to mix all the pigments!) and the coverage is excellent. They’re giving away a small collection of both spray paint and markers to three lucky readers– keep reading to see how to enter! Continue reading…

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Time: 10 Minutes + dry time
Materials: fishbowl, looking glass spray paint, spray bottle, candle

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Moment of honesty here friends, I kinda winged this project. Sometimes you get an idea in your head and just have to go for it, right? I’ve used the ombre spray painting technique before (here, here, and here— clearly I have a problem) and thought I’d give it a try with a different type of paint.

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle HolderNote that this paint will not be reflective if you use it on plastic.

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8 Must-Try Ombre Craft Projects

The ombre trend has been around for a while now friends, and after seeing these eight projects, I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon (yahoo!). These diys are perfect for summer with their airy nature and pops of color, but are also stylish enough to have in your home year round. So grab your paints/dyes and get to work!

8 Must-Try Ombre Craft Projects
1. Dip Dyed Stationery by The Merrythought for Poppytalk
2. DIY Ombre Cement Candle Holders by Homey Oh My!
3. Ombre Pendant Lamp by Design LoveFest
4. DIY Ombre Leather Coasters by Almost Makes Perfect
5. Ombre Planters by Carnets Parisiens
6. Ombre Tablecloth by Style Me Pretty
7. Dip Dyed Shoes by Frankie
8. Ombre Milk Bottles by The Crafted Life

Happy painting!

DIY Ombre Milk Bottles

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: glass bottles, spray paint

DIY Ombre Milk Bottles-- materials available as a kit!

It’s no secret that I have a mild obsession with spray painting glass (see here and here). These ombre milk bottles would make great table vases for your next party or gathering this summer and only take a few minutes to make. Perfect for last minute decor!

DIY Ombre Milk Bottles-- materials available as a kit!All you need to do is place your bottle upside down and spray paint the very bottom. The paint will trickle up the sides giving you an ombre effect. You can see my 10 minute vase if you need further instructions!

DIY Ombre Milk Bottles-- materials available as a kit!

DIY Ombre Milk Bottles-- materials available as a kit!