Free Printable: V-Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Free Printable: V-Day Candy Bar WrappersSo. much. pink and red.

And I hope y’all are as happy about it as I am! If you caught me on Marie Claire last week, this project probably seems a little similar. Well I’m taking the idea I shared and adding a free printable! Because what’s not to love about free? It’s so easy and affordable to customize ordinary candy bars for your sweetie that you’d be silly not to do this project for Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s how:

Time: 5 minutes
Materials: free printable, candy wrappers, candy bar, scissors, washi tape

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Love is Love: Valentine’s Day Playlist

Love is Love: Valentine's Day PlaylistI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times over– the world could always use more love. Any and all kinds. Because love is love is love. And what type of Valentine’s Day enthusiast would I be if I let the holiday go by without a fun little playlist?! These are just a few of my all time favorite love songs. Whether you’re single or spending this year with your partner, I hope this playlist will bring a smile to your face.

Feel free to listen on this post, or head over to Spotify to follow along!


And if you’re feeling a little bitter about romance this Valentine’s Day, here’s a breakup playlist that might help!

10 Minutes or Less: Valentine’s Day Notebooks

Valentine's Day NotebooksToday is February 1st which means I can finally go full force into Valentine’s Day. Next to Christmas, this is my favorite holiday to DIY for because everything is pink, red, and covered in hearts. Plus, the world is in desperate need of some extra love right now, so why not start with some crafts?

This project is so easy it’s ridiculous. Like, you couldn’t even mess it up after a bottle or two of wine (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). Here’s how:

Time: 2 minutes
Materials: notebooks, stickers, pencil/ruler

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10 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

10 Free Valentine's Day PrintablesGuys, Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Can you believe it? February is just flying by! If you’re still looking for that perfect card for your sweetie, don’t worry because the internet has you covered with several free options. If you have a printer, then you can sweep your Valentine off their feet without even leaving the house or spending a dime. Now that’s my idea of romance!

And if you’re looking for even more printable Valentine’s, here are the ten I rounded up last year.

Print these 10 Valentines for your sweetie at home for free!1. Rap Lyric Valentines by Almost Makes Perfect

Print these 10 Valentines for your sweetie at home for free!2. Berry Tag by The Sweetest Occasion

DIY Valentine's Day Postcards + Free Printables3. Valentine’s Day Postcards by The Crafted Life

Print these 10 Valentines for your sweetie at home for free!4. H’eye There Printables by Proper

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