How To Make Photo Blocks

How to make photo blocks-- with video tutorial!Valentine’s Day is a-coming my friends.  And I mean, what says I love you more than a handmade gift?! These photo blocks are not only the perfect way to display your special Instax shots for both friends and partners alike, but they also take less than 30 minutes to make. Talk about a win-win! Here’s how:

Time: 20 minutes + dry time
Materials: Instax Mini 70, Instax Mini film, wooden block, alligator clips, E-6000 glue, paint + paintbrush, tape

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10 Minutes or Less: DIY Polka Dot Vase

Create this mess-free polka dot vase in 5 minutes!If you’re in a pinch for where to put all of those beautiful spring tulips, then this quick DIY is for you! This polka dot vase is mess free, cost about one dollar to make, and can be whipped up in about 5 minutes. In terms of easy projects, I don’t think think could be beat! Here’s how:

Time: 5 minutes
Materials: dot stickers, jar

Create this mess-free polka dot vase in 5 minutes!For my jar I used an old pickle jar and removed the label. The dots are actually stickers I found at an office supply store. If they are out of the kind you like, you can also buy the teacher smiley face stickers and spray paint them.

I teamed up with Brittany Ann Cool + The Flwry here in Philly to make this fun video of the process:

So that’s it! Super fun don’t you think? You could also create another pattern or shape with the dots, or even mix and match other colors. It’s so risk-free and affordable that really anything is fair game!

Create this mess-free polka dot vase in 5 minutes!

How to Make a Flower Crown

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: floral tape, grapevine, floral wire, sheers, florals & green filler

How to Make a Flower Crown

Whether you have an upcoming party or wedding to attend, or you just want to wear flowers in your hair while hanging around the house (no judgement here), a flower crown is the perfect way to add a little fun to your outfit!

Start by measure the grapevine around your head where you want the crown to lay, then twist the ends around to hold in place. Then make bundles of your flowers, stems should be about an inch in length, and secure with floral tape (the process is very similar to making a wreath). Once you have enough, place on the grapevine, all facing the same direction, and wrap ends with floral wire. You’ll use the next bundle to cover the base of the previous one so that no floral tape is visible. Continue until you’re all the way around and wear!

Before hosting the Flower Crown Workshop at West Elm last weekend, Hello Lidy and I teamed up with our photographer (Ian Kennelly) to make this fun video. It’s hopefully the first of many videos to come, so I hope you enjoy!

Video by Ian Kennelly 

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