10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired ProjectsAnnnddd my love for all things cactus continues! Hopefully you are feeling the same way about the current trend, because you are going to love the following cactus-inspired projects if so! I may dare even say that cacti > pineapples, but I don’t want any of you to mail me a glitter bomb or anything like that. Let’s just pretend I wasn’t thinking that just now, shall we?

I’m blown away by everyone’s creativity when in comes in incorporating the cactus shape into everyday home decor. From making a cute patterns to print on pillows, to making your own cactus (that will never die), these tutorials have it all. And if you’re not into the trend just yet, perhaps you’ll change your mind by the end of this post!

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects1. Cactus Cake Topper by Tell Love and Chocolate

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects2. DIY Cactus Pillow by Everything Emily

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects3. Cactus Place Card Holders via Oh Happy Day

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects4. Cactus Pincushions by A Beautiful Mess

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects5. Painted Rock Cacti by Craftberry Bush

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects6. Faux Porcelain Ring Holder by Vitamini Handmade

An easy peasy tutorial for how to make these DIY Iron-On Cactus Shoes in less than an hour!7. Iron-On Cactus Shoes by The Crafted Life

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects8. Cardboard Cacti by The House The Lars Built

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects9. Cactus Wall Hooks by Shoes Off Please

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects10. DIY Stamped Pillow by Patchwork Cactus