10 DIY Planters

Celebrate spring with these ten planter diys!And I’m backkk! All the California sun must have gone to my head because I can’t stop dreaming of plants. Part of me really wants to turn my apartment into a jungle oasis, but if we’re being honest, it would last a week or two before it started to die. After seeing these ten planter diys however, I think I might give it a go! Are there any low maintenance plants you recommend? Because I’m about to have a ton of planters to fill!

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!1. Gold Leaf Planters by The Sweetest Occasion

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!2. Hanging Copper Planter by A Bubbly Life

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!3. Plaster Planters by Zilverblauw

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!4. DIY Bunny Planter by Fall for DIY

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!5. Easy Planter Makeover by The Crafted Life

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!6. Grid Planter by Homey Oh My

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!7. Raised Planter by Monsters Circus

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!8. Hanging Clay Planters by Paper & Stitch

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!9. 3D Planter by Almost Makes Perfect

10 DIY Planter projects you have to try!10. Modern Indoor Planter by Tell Love and Party



  • I’ve been looking for a hanging planter that I love for a while now, for whatever silly reason I didn’t think about making my own. Thanks so much for this post!

    • Oh what a great solution! There are so many great options for making your own too, and for probably half the cost :)

  • These are all so fun! Love those little plaster planters :)

    • Yay! And aren’t they cute?! I would have never thought to use plaster for a planter either!

  • If you want some good low maintenance plants that are super flexible in their light requirements start with snake plants and ZZs. (You want the standard tall skinny snakes, I’ve learn some of the cute fatter leaf ones are not as forgiving.) These plants really like to be left alone. I have several in different rooms and currently water maybe once a month – when it warms up more I may water twice a month. Marbled, Neon (apparently can be hard to find), and Heart Leaf Pathos are another good place to start – they need regular watering (maybe weekly) and decent light, but once you get their schedule, just stick to it and they’re happy. They make it pretty clear with droopy leaves when they want water, and always bounce right back.

    Additionally if you have good lighting (bright indirect) Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera are pretty easy to care for. Again it’s just about learning their water needs – Figs, usually not much, Monstera, definitely more often. A big lesson I learned is to keep the big plants in a draining pot; sometimes they just need a really good thorough soaking in the sink/tub and you can’t do that in a closed pot.

    Plants that don’t require my constant love and affection to keep them going are my favorite. And free up time for a few less forgiving ones like air plants. And taking care of my human child.

    • OMG SHAY! You are such a wealth of knowledge! Thank you so much for sharing! You’ll have to let me know if you’re ever in Philly so we can go plant shopping together :)

      • I don’t know when I’ll make it to Philly, but I’ll reach out if it happens! Knowing my luck you’ll be in the bay area doing another workshop around the corner from my house ;D

        My mom is a plant person. And there’s really no point in resisting becoming my mom at this point. I refuse to count how many I have inside. Mostly because I’m sure my husband will cut me off. For some reason he doesn’t believe me when I say they follow me home.

  • Hello Rachel,
    I love the make over of the planters that you have done by using beautiful colours. Even I was looking the same idea for my garden too.
    and I want to know which paint you have used to colour your planters??

    I really appreciate your work!!

    • Oh fun! If your planter is going to be outside, I would use an outdoor spray paint. If inside, you could use spray paint or an acrylic paint. Happy crafting!

      • Thank Rachel , I will definitely use your suggestions…. Happy crafting!