10 DIY Stamp Projects

10 DIY Stamp ProjectsOne of the reasons I love stamps is because you can create something beautiful with something so minimal. There really is a lot you can do with just the repetition of lines and color! The good news is that you can make these 10 beautiful diy stamp projects with anything from from an eraser to a potato. Because, let’s be honest, store bought stamps can cost a fortune, especially if you need 2-3 for one project. You may even have the materials on hand right now, so go on, get stamping!

10 DIY Stamp Projects1. Tag Shaped Stamps by Creature Comforts

10 DIY Stamp Projects2. DIY Stamped Pillow by Hello Lidy


10 DIY Stamp Projects3. DIY Watermelon Doormat by Carrie Waller for eHow

10 DIY Stamp Projects4. No Sew Stamped Scarf by Almost Makes Perfect

10 DIY Stamp Projects5. DIY Buffalo Plaid Stamp Set by A Beautiful Mess

10 DIY Stamp Projects6. Pineapple Printed Pillow by I Spy DIY

10 DIY Stamp Projects7. Printed Napkins by Mamas Junk

10 DIY Stamp Projects8. DIY Rubber Stamp by The Crafted Life

10 DIY Stamp Projects9. DIY Fox Stamp by Zana

10 DIY Stamp Projects10. Grainsack Stripe Stamp by Tidbits

Have you ever made your own stamp before? How did you make it?