10 Gift-Worthy Books Under $25

10 Gift-Worthy Books Under $25Let me tell you, I think 2015 was the year of the book. Did anybody else notice that? So many wonderful new reads hit the shelves over the year, at one point I just had to walk away from my Amazon shopping cart because otherwise I would be flat broke.

If you are looking to give someone a gorgeous read, or simply spruce up your coffee table, look no further than these ten books. And for an added bonus, they’re all under $25!

1. Stamp Stencil Paint by Anna Joyce

2. Food Gift Love by Maggie Battista

3. Sage Living by Anne Sage

4. The Upcycled T-Shirt by Jenelle Montilone

5. 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy by Oh Joy

6. Appetizers by Martha Stewart

7. Materially Crafted by Victoria Hudgins

8. Entertaining by Camille Styles

9. The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney

10. Styled by Emily Henderson