10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYSChances are that if you craft, you’ve made magnets at some point in your life. The formula seems to be simple; all you need is something cute, some glue and a magnet and bam, you can now cover your fridge with takeout menus and photos. It’s incredibly simple and yet so satisfying!

Could they be the next coaster diy? Who knows! All I know is that here are ten magnet diy tutorials you’ll absolutely want to make while we wait for the internet to answer that question:

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS1. Heart Magnets by Mer Mag

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)2. Plaster Lip Magnets by The Crafted Life

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS3. Paint Dipped Alphabet Magnets by Sarah Hearts

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS4. Tin Magnets via Martha Stewart

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS5. Letter Magnets by Dream Green DIY

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS6. Wooden Animal Magnets by Petit Pippin

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS7. Mini Photo Magnets by A Beautiful Mess

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS

8. Watercolor Magnets by Lines Across

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS9. Clay Pot Magnets by The Merrythought

10 Must-Try Magnet DIYS10. Pom Pom Magnets via AO Life

  • These are all so cute! I’m inspired to see what all I can turn into a magnet!

    • Yay! Seems like anything can be a magnet, as long as it’s not too heavy. Can’t wait to see what you come up with Chelsea!

  • Love these! I actually just made some magnets with air-dry clay today for an upcoming guest post. They’re such a fun (and versatile) craft to make! :)

  • Sarah

    That’s it, I need a mint green Smeg!!!
    Thanks for including my magnets in this awesome round up!

  • Nice post! I was recently thinking that I could do with more fridge magnets because my twins are at an age where they’re starting to produce artwork, so this is very timely :)

    • Oh how cute! Maybe you can get them involved on the magnet making too?!