10 True Crime Documentaries to Stream

10 True Crime DocumentariesI know we’ve been talking about Halloween for the past month, but is there anything scarier than real life? Ryan and I have been watching a lot true crime documentaries and can tell you, no, no there’s not. Grab a friend/loved one to watch the following shows + movies with because they deliver the creep!

1. Making a Murderer (Netflix)– there was so much hype around season one (which I did binge), but we finally just finished season two. I liked the second season a lot more because it followed the law and forensics. 

2. The Jinx (HBO)– by far my favorite on this list. I have no words it’s that good.

3. Capturing the Friedmans (HBO)– produced by the same man who did the Jinx, this one is at the top of our list!

4. The Keepers (Netflix)– this was a rough one to get through and can be triggering. Absolutely wild, but triggering and heartbreaking. 

5. The Staircase (Netflix)– a murder investigation of a woman who died on the stairs in her home. The film makers follow her husband, who is the suspect. 

6. I Love You Now Die (HBO)– you may know this case as it happened more recently. Another on our list!

7. Evil Genius (Netflix)– a bank heist that’s so much more. The title is very appropriate.

8. Abducted in Plain Site (Netflix) — a young girl was taken by one of their family friends. I’m sure you’ve seen a meme or two by now from this because it’s bizarre. 

9. Mommy Dead and Dearest (HBO)– this case involves Munchausen syndrome by proxy which is fascinating/sad on it’s own.  

10. Case of Adnan Syed (HBO)– If you listened to the podcast Serial season 1, this is a follow up four part series. 


PS I need to talk about who you think is guilty/not so let me know your thoughts in the comments!