2020 Reader Survey RESULTS!

DIY Gift Wrapped Gallery WallThank you so much for taking part in this year’s reader survey! Your feedback and insight helps shape the types of posts I create around here. You were so encouraging and so sweet and actually made me cry because it just confirmed why it is I try my best to focus on color, joy, and the handmade. Enough of the sentiments, it’s on to the fun part– sharing the results!

Your Favorite Color

Drumroll…….. it’s green! And I’m so surprised! Red + pink tied for second place, followed by blue in third, purple in fourth, and yellow in fifth. 

Have you ever made something you discovered on The Crafted Life?

Only 33% of you said yes. Hoping to get that number higher this year!

how to make millennial pink sheetsWhat type of blog posts are your favorite? 

Your favorite post centered around home decor DIYS, projects that take less than 10 minutes, and holiday DIYS. Behind the scenes and printables/downloads get an honorable mention. 

This is especially helpful since I am planning some room refreshes this year that I hope to be a mixture of DIY and pieces that I’ve bought and loved. Excited to share our bedroom refresh– hopefully to be here before March (if you’ve been following the saga on Instagram).

What type of blog posts are your LEAST favorite?

Travel guides and wedding updates did not make it into your favorite categories. They’re two topics I love, I mean I have a tattoo for traveling and I’m the one getting married, so I’m going to try a different approach to them to make them more appealing. And if worse comes to worse, the wedding will be done in May and that will be that! If there’s a specific reason you’re not a fan, drop me a note. I’d love to hear what would make them more useful to you!
What types of posts would you like to see more of?

Your answers: beginner projects, more of NYC, and a look into where I find inspiration were the most repeated. I completely LOVE those answers and am already putting a few ideas on the editorial calendar (hello Christmas in New York guide).

Do you own a copy of my book Hello Color?

42% of you said no but that you want to! Just a subtle reminder that you can grab your copy here! You can also request it at your local library or bookstore. And if you do already have it and love it, reviews are a great way to help authors!

Quick Q & A 

1. Is it time consuming to maintain pink hair? Do you do it yourself?

YES! Well, possibly less than you think. My hair has been pink for almost 5 years, so at this point, it’s pink. I go to the salon every 8 weeks to get my roots touched up and the color pulled through, just like any other color process. It just takes a lot of time when I go because my hair is thick (and longer these days), and you have to dry the bleached hair before applying the pink– making two blow drys. 

Hello Color by Rachel Mae Smith

2. How do you decide what projects to make?
A lot of it comes from what I need in my own life, or products I’ve seen while shopping and been inspired by. Another part comes in seasonally (holidays) or it’s a project that I think you would benefit from. My mind is constantly thinking of new projects so much that I even have a running list of ideas that I never get to because of timing. 

3. How do you keep motivation? Do you just wake up like this? Or does it need some help?

I’ve started to set time aside each month to do something I know that recharges my batteries. That could be anything from walking around a random neighborhood in NYC or visiting my favorite home decor shops by myself. Getting out into the world instead of creating in isolation all the time has always worked for me. 

When I’m in the groove, things are great and I wake up just ready to do a photoshoot or write a post. Other days I don’t want to do anything and so I’ll focus on the more the administrative side to my business. As with anything creative there are ebbs and flows. The key is to take advantage when you’re in the moment and to give yourself space when you simply aren’t. Working ahead gives a bit of freedom so that you can pause to recharge and get back in it when you’re ready. 

So that’s it for this year’s results! I can’t wait to share what I have in store for 2020!