30 Minute Wall Art DIY

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: paper, scissors, brushes, canvas, paint

30 Minute Wall Art DIYValentine’s Day may be long over, but my love for all things heart shaped is still going strong. After rounding up these diy wall art projects a while back, I decided that I’m well overdue for making some of my own. Even if you’re not a fine artist, as long as you have thirty minutes, you’ll still be able to make this wall art!

DIY 30 Minute Wall Art

30 Minute Wall Art DIYIf you don’t have a heart stencil at home you can easily make one by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting out half of a heart, just as you did when you were making Valentine’s as a kid. Lightly trace the shape on your canvas with a pencil.

To make sure your outside lines are smooth, I recommend lining your shape with a smaller brush before filling in with paint.

DIY 30 Minute Wall Art DIY 30 Minute Wall Art

DIY 30 Minute Wall Art



  • Sarah

    You know I love this! ;) So cute, Rachel!

  • corey

    Love how simple this is!