5 Minute Project: DIY Frame Makeover

Time: 5 minutes
Materials: picture frame, ribbon, E-6000 glue

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverLet’s start this week off nice and simple with a fun 5 minute craft project, shall we? Adding a touch of ribbon to a frame will make your art/photographs really pop. Best of all, it may just be the easiest craft project ever. And what’s not to love about that?

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverThe frame I used was unfinished, so I sanded + applied a gel topcoat before beginning. E-6000 is a strong glue, so it should work on just about any finish on any type of frame.

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverMeasure the lengths of each side of your frame and cut your ribbon accordingly. I chose to wrap my ribbon behind the frame so that the frayed edges weren’t visible.

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverApply a thin layer of E-6000 glue to the back of your ribbon; make sure there’s no spillage when laying your ribbon on the frame. Position in place then run your finger over the ribbon to secure. Let dry then display!5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverAnd if you’re looking for another way to makeover your frames, try adding gemstones!

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame Makeover5 Minute Project: DIY Frame Makeover

  • Aaahh, this is such a cute idea! Would love to see how you use it in your new space!

    • Oh yay, so happy you liked it Marlene! I’m a little obsessed with this ribbon, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing it on a few different projects :)