5 Non-Traditional Ways to Paint a Wall

5 Non-Traditional Ways to Paint a Wall

Since moving into our new place, I’ve been looking at a lot of home makeover projects. And I mean a lot. Sometime during my browsing it hit me– there are endless ways to paint a wall. Sure, it sounds silly, but I’ve always approached decorating in terms of what color am I going to use verse, how am I going to apply the paint. I’ve got a pretty fun office makeover coming soon where I’m going to put what I learned to the test, but for now, here are five non-traditional ways to help you think outside the box when it comes to painting a room!

Green Stripe Wall by Emily Henderson1. Green Stripe Wall by Emily Henderson

Geometric Accent Wall by Sugar & Cloth2. DIY Geometric Accent Wall by Sugar & Cloth

DIY Ombre Wall by PS I Made This 3. DIY Ombre Wall by PS I Made This

DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall by Vintage Revivals4.DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall by Vintage Revivals

Stripe Wall by Leclair Decor5. Stripe Wall by Leclair Decor

So what do you think? Would you ever take the leap and paint these walls in your home?

  • I have every one of those pinned too! Great minds think alike ;)

    • Absolutely! I wish I could do them all in my house, but that might be overkill :)

  • HelloLidy

    I absolutely love the first one (and not because I might be a little obsessed with Emily Henderson). I just love the idea of having all that breathing space above. It creates the illusion of more space – might have to steal that one for our room! Now what color?!

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to – yay!!!


    • Emily is just downright amazing! It’s just a great idea, I’d love to see how you use it in your home :)

  • Of course, OF COURSE, the first one was done by Emily Henderson <3
    Wish I had the balls and patience to paint my rental, but MAN I'm excited to see what you do. And your office makeover is guaranteed to be amazing, I'm sure of it!

    • Oh I know what you mean! My current strategy is to just ask for forgiveness later. I’ll let you know how that goes ;) haha wish me luck!

  • Melissa

    Super cool ideas! That ombre wall is simply too awesome.

    • I knowwww! It’d be too much to make every room ombre, right? Just checking :)

  • I need that ombre wall in my life!

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  • i really love your choice of colors!


  • Sarah @girlfriendshoes

    I love the idea of painting walls in non traditional ways. These are all really nice and have my mind racing with how I can change my boring walls!

    • Oh that’s awesome Sarah! You’ll have to let me know what you decide :)