6 Must-Try Embroidery Projects

Who knew embroidery was so wonderful?! Okay, I’m sure you knew. I guess I’m just a little late to the game. One of my crafty goals for the upcoming weeks is to channel the inspiration I found at Craftcation into exploring new mediums. Whether or not my experiments will end up on this blog or not has yet to be determined. For now, these 6 embroidery projects are calling my name!

6 Must-Try Embroidery Projects

1. Fitzgerald Floral Embroidery by For the Makers
2. Sewing Sayings via Kollabora
3. Embroidered Cat Tote by The Pink Samurai
4. French Dot Constellation Runner by Design Sponge
5. DIY Embroidered Photo Art by A Beautiful Mess
6. Tapestry Embroidery by Richard Saja via Etsy

I’d love to hear your take on embroidery. Have you ever tried it before? Have a favorite pattern? Perhaps it’s too time consuming?  Feel free to dish in the comments below!


  • These are so cute!! I love embroidery. Thanks for the round-up.

    xx MaDonna | MeMaDonna.com

  • Jana

    I fell in love with embroidery at Craftcation too! Thanks for the great roundup of ideas to try!

    • Craftcation was just the BEST! I’m ready to spend some quality time with my needle and hoop this weekend after all the madness of last week :)

  • Oh that constellation table runner is amazing! I’ve been wanting to make something like that for a long while now- I came across this table runner months ago but haven’t gotten around to making it yet. It’s perhaps a simpler starting point for an embroidered runner! http://www.houseofearnest.com/black-white-and-stitched-all-over/

    • Oh my goodness, how did I miss that one?! It’s gorgeous, I really hope you make it! Thanks for sharing Jenni :)

  • Katja

    I love embroidery with a modern touch! Such as black cross stitching on white linen…haven’t done much embroidery myself, but will definitely do some project sooner or later

    • Absolutely! I love the the idea of a simple stitch with contrasting black and white colors. You’ll have to let me know if you ever do it!

  • HelloLidy

    That runner is amazing! I would love to sit down and do something like that – like a blanket or something! Is that even possible? Thanks for the inspiration :)


  • CBFrank

    I am smitten with the bike embroidery. Love it!