7 Must Try Adhesive Vinyl DIYS

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYSOkay guys, confession: I’ve never used vinyl in a project. Not even outside of this blog. ::let the stone throwing begin:: I know, it’s a magic tool (can be used on glass, cloth, walls and more), and I have yet to use it. After coming across these seven awesome diys, however, I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration to kick you in the pants, right?

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS1. DIY Travel Mugs by Studio DIY

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS2. Scalloped Jars by Sarah Hearts

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS3. Gem Boxes by Oleander and Palm

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS4. Black Triangular Wall Hearts by Hello Lidy

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS5. DIY Bar Bottle Labels by Lovely Indeed

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS6. Mustache Glasses by A Spoonful of Sugar

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS7. Gold Scallop Napkins by Sarah Hearts

Have you ever used vinyl in a craft project before? I’d love to get your take on it!

  • Monique

    These are so cute!


  • Melissa

    I’ve never tried it either, but I love the way these projects look. Totally my style. Guess that means I’m giving it a try sooner than later. ;)

    • Oh yessss! We should make a pact to try it together, right? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Looks like I’m going shopping today–these look like so much fun!

    • Yay! Let me know how it turns out Chelsea, I’ve love to know!

  • So many good ones!! I can’t choose!

    • Me either! I need to whip up something for myself asap! I bet you would totally rock adhesive vinyl too :)

  • Looks great well done!

  • SarahLagen

    These are treaty DIY’s!! The coffee mug’s are my favorite — they are so cute!!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for including 2 of my projects. I’m a little obsessed with adhesive vinyl! xoxo

    • Oh girl, I wanted to just include everything you’ve done! You’ve totally nailed adhesive vinyl :)

  • libby

    looove the scalloped jars! those might have to happen. i’ve been playing around with vinyl on photos. i’m now itching to do a whole gallery wall this way.

    • Oh goodness, I can’t believe I am just not seeing this comment. I just LOVE that project! So creative and fun. A gallery wall is a must :)

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  • LS

    My business is solely vinyl-based, so I definitely do more than DIY projects with vinyl! I like to make gifts, mostly for myself. I’m currently having an obsession with triangles so they’re EVERYWHERE. No where is safe!

    • Yessss! Loving that triangle trend as well. How fun that you get to work with vinyl everyday!