8 Must-Try Clutch DIYS

I’ll admit that I don’t attempt as many fashion diys as I should or would like to, and that goes for both on and offline. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion (and shopping for that matter), but there’s something about them that always seems a bit intimidating. That is until I stumbled across these eight must-try clutch diys. While my sewing skills are still very much at the beginner stage, each of these tutorials come with excellent instructions that I think myself, and anyone else, could pull off!

8 Must-Try Clutch DIYS

1. Floral Clutch by Design Improvised
2. Crocheted Leather Flap Clutch by Delia Creates
3. Leopard Fold-Over Clutch by Transient Expression
4. Mini Cotton & Leather Clutch by A Beautiful Mess
5. Gold Leaf Clutch by Vitamini Handmade
6. Cotton and Leather Clutch by A Beautiful Mess
7. Eight Days a Week Clutch by Designlovefest
8. Leather Fold Over Clutch by Say Yes

What do you think? Would you rather buy or diy? Also, I didn’t realize this until after rounding up these projects, but it looks like the best pairing with a clutch is stripes!

  • I love clutches. That was my very first sewing project.

    • They’re so great and I think the perfect way to get started! Thanks for stopping by Tranae!