8 Must-Try Pencil Cup DIYS

8 Must-Try Pencil Cup DIYSSince making a mousepad last week, I’ve been doing a bit of research on other desk accessory projects. I’ve come to the conclusion that my desk is about to get a one (or eight!) brand new pencil cups. And although I may have to buy more pencils, since you really only need a can and some paper or paint to make these, I think it’s only fair that I try them all.

1. Cross-Stitch Pencil Cup by Camille Styles
2. Ombre Pen Pots by The Lovely Drawer
3. DIY Desktop Organizer by Marisa Mangum for Freutcake
4. Color Dipped Pencil Holders by Frk Mayas Loft
5. DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup by Lovely Indeed
6. Geometric Pencil Cup by Sarah M Dorsey Designs
7. Leather Wrapped Pencil Cup by Creature Comforts
8. Paper Wrapped Pen Pots by Torie Jayne

Happy crafting!