9 Easy Marbling Projects

9 Easy Marbling ProjectsI’ve tried marbling a few times so far and have yet to be disappointed by the results! The color combinations are endless, plus you can marble just about any surface. I’d have to say that my favorite aspect of the craft is that you essentially use household materials, that you probably already have on hand already, like nail polish and shaving cream and yet you can make some pretty beautiful things. If you haven’t given a try yet, here are nine great (and easy) projects will hopefully inspire you to get making!

9 Easy Marbling Projects1. Neon Marbled Jewelry Tray by I Spy DIY

9 Easy Marbling Projects2. Marbled Artwork by A Beautiful Mess

9 Easy Marbling Projects3. Marbled Votives by Lovely Indeed

9 Easy Marbling Projects4. Marbled Planter by Hello Lidy

9 Easy Marbling Projects5. Marbled Glass Ring Bowl by A Fabulous Fete

9 Easy Marbling Projects6. Marbled Coasters by For the Makers

9 Easy Marbling Projects7. Marbled Planters by Hello Natural

9 Easy Marbling Projects8. Marble Dipped Vase by The Crafted Life for Poppytalk

9 Easy Marbling Projects9. Leather and Marbled Fabric Clutch by Vitamini Handmade

Have you tried any of these, or any other marbling projects before? I’d love to know how it went!


  • Love them all. But I think number 8 is on my to-make list very soon :)

    • Aww thanks Karlijn! It’s basically a free diy if you already have nail polish, what do you have to lose :)?

  • i love it but i don’t think i can pull it off

    • Oh you totally can! It’s much easier than you probably think! I hope you give it a try, just to see Ailyn :)

      • i have set sights on the vase, i like vase. But hopefully someday i’ll manage to make one that can be present to the guests at home

  • Casey Starks

    Thanks for including my leather clutch project!