A Colorful Picnic + Free Printables and a Recipe!

Throw a colorful picnic this summer with these free printables and popcorn recipe!With last weekend kicking off the unofficial start to summer, it means that it’s time to gear up for picnic season! Nothing but afternoons lounging in the park, catching up on gossip magazines and with friends. Perfection.

Of course, what would a summer picnic be without a little color? Below you can learn how to make fun pillows, a striped blanket, and a popcorn recipe that tastes almost like rice krispy treats. I’ve got all your essentials covered. Now let’s do this summer!

Throw a colorful picnic this summer with these free printables and popcorn recipe!

Throw a colorful picnic this summer with these free printables and popcorn recipe!If you want your friends to instantly be able to spot you in the park crowd, all you need is a colorful blanket. I teamed up with Shutterfly to make mine as well as some outdoor pillows! They came out SO nice and the quality really is top notch. If you can believe it, the colors are more vibrant in person. Here’s how to do it:

First you’ll want to gather your images/designs. You can use your own photos, Shutterfly’s art library, or download these files to recreate the ones I made. Each design also comes with a back color, so if you want your pillow to be matching front and back, be sure to download the matching color back. Once your settled on the design you want, just upload and order:

To make your own outdoor pillows, click here!

To make your own blanket, click here!

Make your own fun outdoor pillows with this free printable!A special thanks to my girl Sarah Hearts for designing these files for us!

Free downloadable file to make your own blanket!And of course you’re going to need a little snack to go with your cool new picnic gear. This popcorn recipe is great because it’s not overly sweet. If you did want it to be sweeter and taste spot on like a rice krispy treat, add a teaspoon of vanilla to the melted butter before adding your marshmallows. You could also take the salty + sweet route and season with sea salt at the end, it’s good either way!

Make this marshmallow + sprinkle popcorn in 10 minutes! Taste like rice krispy treats!If you need me over the next few months, you know where I’ll be. Just stuffing myself with popcorn and trying not to catch a sunburn! Happy summer!

Make this marshmallow + sprinkle popcorn in 10 minutes! Taste like rice krispy treats!

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    I love those pillows!!! And yummy popcorn…

    • thanks girl! Hopefully one day soon we can eat popcorn in the park together!

  • Amy

    I love that blanket! Shutterfly literally has the best customizable products. And I’m going to have to make that popcorn for my kids, yum!!

    • Oh I so agree! I’m so happy with how everything turned out! And the popcorn is such a win for a snack! Or if you’re like me, for dinner, ha!

  • Tan

    Heck yes these pillow are SO FUN!!!! And that popcorn….I’m not normally a fan but sign me up!

    • OMG yay! Thanks Tan! And not a popcorn fan? My brain can’t comprehend! xo

  • Breanna

    This does look so FUN! And that popcorn?! Yum!

    • Thank you so much girl! And it is SO good in case you’re looking for an afternoon snack :)

  • Alice Lois

    Love the bright and cheery pillows! And I cannot wait to try this popcorn!

    • Thank you so much! Because I always have to match my food to my surroundings haha <3

  • Denise (Acts of Flair)

    Love the pillow and popcorn! Such a great idea for those summer movie nights :-)

  • Wow, Rachel, the pillow and blankets are incredible! The quality looks so good, I can’t believe Shutterfly makes such nice home decor. I can just see you sitting in a park on this baby with your pink hair and cute sunnies! <3

    • OMG I wish that’s what I was going right now! Come to Philly and let’s make it happen?

  • Carrie Waller

    OMG I need an invite to your next picnic party! This looks fabulous, and I looooove the art that Sarah created to go along with your projects, too!!

    • Girl, you know you are ALWAYS invited! And Sarah totally nailed it :)

  • Cyd

    This is SO fun and I am obsessed with the blanket and pillows. BLOWN AWAY that you made them with Sutterfly. So so smart!

    • So cool right?! It kind of made me want to start a product line! We will picnic on them together one day :)

  • erik vinz

    i think its so fun, and that colour very bright

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