An Adventure in Creative Mindfulness

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Between the bad news, social media, and a million other things we absorb during the day, it’s hard not to feel a little bogged down lately. This time of year especially is when everything really seems to pick up the pace. Like, how on earth is it October?!

But when life is so busy and overwhelming, certain important aspects go overlooked. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that often times we don’t enjoy the moment and we don’t focus on the good as often as we should, which tends to hinder our creativity and compassion.

I recently picked up a copy of A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness by the co-founders of Flow Magazine and boy am I glad that I did. Even though this is a sponsored post, in my current creative slump, it’s exactly the type of book I needed (I wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t). I’ve really been trying to find joy in the everyday and to get back to that state of being creative for creative’s sake after going through some pretty big burnout.

Not only is this book full of hands on exercises to help practice mindfulness, but the written content really focuses on how to enjoy being in the moment and on different ways to spread kindness, to yourself and to others. It’s about self-compassion, taking a breath, and resetting your mind to be present.

There’s even a series of small postcards inside that you can tear out and send to a friend. They double as great art if you wanted to make a DIY Photo Block and keep one for yourself!

One of my favorite parts of the book was the section on keeping track of your beautiful moments. Maybe you can relate to this, but more so lately I’m finding myself wrapped up in the constant flow of bad news. So much so actually that sometimes the small, lovely details of everyday life are being overlooked and more often than not, forgotten.

But good happens all the time. It may not be as big of an event as some of the bad, but when added up, the good certainly always wins. To remind myself of that, I’ve decided to start collecting those good moments. On pieces of paper, starting with the set of cards included with the book, I’m writing down those small details that I want to remember. I add them to a box of others on my desk when I’m done, and will revisit them whenever I need a pick me up. Simple, sweet, and as stress-free as that.

You can certainly take this idea and DIY yourself a really fun box, or give a jar a colorful makeover with paint. Or you can do what I did and treat yourself to pretty storage– whatever is going to make yourself the happiest and keep you practicing the art of remembering the positive.

If you are feeling a similar way, I encourage your to explore the other wonderful chapters in the book and hope that you find one that helps you! Because life is still beautiful and we should be able to enjoy and be present for every minute of it.