Behind the Scenes: April

Cherry Blossoms

And just like that April has come and gone! I am SO happy that it’s finally spring and that everything is in bloom. This is one of my favorite times of year because the city just feels so alive and colorful. We’re slowly trading in our ugly winter bubble coats for sundresses and I am here for it! Now, on to the behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes


Reality vs Instagram. I know that there are a lot of picture perfect moments on Instagram, but just know outside the frame is usually ALWAYS a wreck. Like I didn’t even get to eat this cake because it went stale while I was waiting for the exact lighting day for the shoot. RIP CAKE.

Behind the Scenes

HOLY SHIT MY BOOK IS IN THE BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY! It’s actually in a ton of libraries across the country (check your local branch), but it feels so surreal to be in the Brooklyn/New York Library. I rekindled my love for the library this month and it’s been such a help in saving money for the wedding. I feel like I get to splurge on everything I want to read + wedding books and somehow it’s all free!

Behind the Scenes

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take this blog and my career lately. I want to make sure I’m providing you with inspiration but also doing a little good in the world. More on this to come, but if you are ever in need of color inspiration, head to your art supply store and just walk aimlessly!

Behind the Scenes


I’ve officially started the hunt for a wedding dress! So far I’ve only been to one place, but it’s such a fun process. I’m going with white but there will be a colorful twist that I’m excited to share with you! If you know of any shops in NYC, let me know!

Behind the Scenes

Well I’m back on my soup bullshit. And by that I mean can’t stop, won’t stop making soupppppps! The one from last night was a simple asparagus with lemon and parmesan that’s perfect for spring. Here’s the recipe.

On to May friends!