Behind the Scenes: August

Behind the Scenes: AugustIf I could describe August in three words it would be: busy as hell. Between taking two trips, planning wedding details, and doing a ton of photoshoots, there hasn’t been a spare moment to relax! I’m taking this weekend off and am so excited about. It’s time to recharge before heading into holiday season (if you can believe that’s already coming up!).Here’s everything else that happened this month behind the scenes:

BTSIn order to get certain shots (like I needed for this backpack project) I have to arrange my living room. 9/10 times this involves moving my TV and taking down a bit of my gallery wall. I also shoot by myself, so in order to bounce enough light into the space to reduce shadows, I prop up a white board. Thankfully the suitcases I shot for American Tourister have the perfect height handles. It’s not a high tech set up, but it works!

Behind the Scenes: AugustI know I’ve mentioned this before, but spray painting in NYC is challenging. Up until now I’ve been painting in this area that’s under construction near our apartment. There’s been an uptick in homeless people living/sleeping the area and now it just smells like urine constantly. The last time I was there spray painting the bar cart makeover the police came (not for me, for other things that were happening), so now I’m on the hunt to find a new spot. I love the city so much, so it’s limitations like this that make me excited to potentially buy a house one day. 

Behind the Scenes: AugustPersonal

The wedding is less than a year away now and we’re making all sorts of progress. The colors have been picked and we just finalized the design for the save the dates + invites. I’ve even started making DIYS (you can see our table numbers here) and it feels like everything is coming together. I’m really excited to share everything with you!

Behind the Scenes: AugustOne of our engagement gifts was a juicer attachment for our KitchenAid and I’m addicted! Send over any and all recipes please! I’m also considering sharing a few of my favorites here in the future, so stay tuned for that.

How was your August? Any highlights?!