Behind The Scenes: February

Behind The Scenes: February It’s the last day of February! Can you believe we have to pay rent again already?! Oof. Other than the shortness of it all, this was a good month here. We had warmth and snow, I saw Frozen on broadway and caught up on a lot of Drag Race, and I made some things I’m proud of. Not sure what else I could ask for! To give you a peek on what happened off camera, here’s a bit of the behind the scenes from this month:

Behind The Scenes: FebruaryWork

My favorite Valentine’s DIY to date may just be these conversation heart coasters. I shot them on my coffee table and think the marble really made them pop. I may have to use it more in the future as a background.

As for the other image, how glamorous am I?! Sometimes I do client photography and go all the way to get the shot with a wireless remote… while wearing pjs of course.

Behind The Scenes: February Speaking of doing anything for the shot! As for my set up, whenever I take photos set up against the wall, I have to remove my tv and other elements to clear space. It gets annoying sometimes, but you have to do what you can to get the job done. I can’t afford a space other than my apartment, so I make it work!

I originally shot the DIY Heart Wreath on the wall in my house but really hated how the photos came out for whatever reason. That’s when Ryan and I took to the streets for a photoshoot. I do 95% of the photography you see here, but every now and then Ryan will pitch in to help take some photos when I need to include myself in them.

Behind The Scenes: February This rad mural popped up within a week of the shoot so we got it while it was fresh! That’s one of my favorite parts about living in this city, you never know when and how things are going to change. We also ran into bigntoasty on the street (who kindly snapped this photo), which was such a fun surprise.


Behind The Scenes: February We had some warm days this month and Ryan had some days off work (the perks of working for the Dept of Education) so we explored a lot! I’m completely in love with our neighborhood and we recently discovered that we don’t live far from the piers which have an amazing view of the city. Sometimes I feel like I never want to move again and other times I crave more space and a yard for a dog.

Most importantly though… SO. MANY. SOUPS! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to jump on the homemade soup train, but I am so glad I’ve finally given it a go. The top soups I tried were this tomato basil tortellini soup and a cauliflower soup. Both easy, both delicious, and both are getting made again.

I’d love to know about your personal highlights for the month! Now on to March!



  • I laughed out loud at the “pay rent again” part. It does feel awfully soon to have to do so again since February is so short, which is unfortunate 😅 I also ADORED those conversation heart coasters. Super cute and colourful ☺️🌈

    • RIGHT?! Shouldn’t there be a discount or something?! And yay so glad you liked the coasters! <3