Behind the Scenes: January

DIY Dip Dyed SocksSince an overwhelming amount of you requested to see more behind the scenes around here, I thought it would be fun if that the end of every month, I show a bit more of what goes on outside of the polished version of the craft projects you see here. These pictures won’t be overly styled or edited, mostly just snaps from my cell phone– kind of like the very early days of blogging before we started to over curate ourselves. 

Quick Jan Recap: I did some projects that I feel proud of! I feel like this month I finally fell back in a rhythm of loving crafting + photography again and it feels nice as hell. Such a great way to kick off the new year and I didn’t even have to declutter my house or drink celery juice to make it happen (I just had to wait like a year for it to happen, no big deal).

Behind the Scenes: January Work

The turn around time for the rainbow circle shelf was so tight (it was sponsored) that I had to drag my dad (pictured above) to Lowe’s to pick up supplies when I was visiting over Christmas. I packed the materials in my suitcase and starting crafting and shooting the next morning when I woke up after flying home the night before. It was so nice being able to bounce ideas off of him and this has honestly become one of my favorite projects!

DIY Rainbow Circle ShelfSee the full tutorial here!

Behind the Scenes: JanuaryBecause I no longer have a studio, every surface in our home is up for grabs for crafting. At least I try to limit the clutter and chaos to when Ryan is at work. We live in a one bedroom apartment, which means I’m often moving things to set up an area that I can photograph in. Or sometimes I just shoot on the couch. It depends on the lighting and how much time I have that day.

Behind the Scenes: JanuarySee the full tutorial here!

Behind the Scenes: January Turns out the glove I was using to dye had a hole in it and I wasn’t even mad about it. A lot of you said the dyed yarn looked like spaghetti when I shared it on Instagram and now I feel like I have to try making that. I already love carbs and if they’re rainbow in color, then there’s no hope for me going on a diet.

DIY Mounted Wall DeskI wish I had more behind the scenes for the desk project (like how Ryan and I sat on the wood in an Uber home from the store), but truthfully, I photographed it in 2018. Because the post was on West Elm’s blog, we had worked on it months before posting.

OMG HOLD UP! I just now, at this very moment of writing this post, realized that every project I worked on this month had a rainbow color scheme and that wasn’t even planned. If that’s not the best possible way to start the new year, I don’t know what is!

Behind the Scenes: JanuaryPersonal

Personal highlight for the month was that I made my first loaf of bread! We also made a potato soup from scratch that was damn tasty, but I’m still feeling bitter about the experience. I won’t share the recipe here because it said it would only take 45 minutes and it took us FOUR HOURS, so I’ll wait until I find a recipe I think is worth passing along. If you have any trusted bead + soup recipes, link them in the comments, I need help! I’m going to keep trying my hand at bread making because I think there are so many ways to make it better. Like I said above, I love carbs.

Behind the Scenes: JanuaryAnd just to show our faces around here, here’s us on the Brooklyn Bridge! We got a kind stranger to take a picture of the two of us after we snapped a few photos for my American Tourister shot. Clearly we don’t share clothes.

And that’s it! What were your personal or professional highlights this month? How many carbs did you eat? Has the internet also lied to you about recipe make time?