Behind the Scenes: June

Flower Install NYCBefore I get into the behind the scenes for this month, I wanted to bring your attention to RAICES. If you’re not sure how to help with the unjust and cruel conditions at the border, they have information on how to get involved and are accepting donations. Reminder: these are not normal times and we should not remain silent.

Now on a lighter note, here’s what happened around here in June!


Spray painting in NYC has been an adventure. I usually try to find a hidden corner and then work very early on a weekend before everyone is out and about. The space I work in front of is about to open as a restaurant, so I’ll have to find a new place soon. Never a dull moment here, that’s for sure! 

This month consisted of working on projects that you may not see for a while (I even did a Christmas DIY). Not everything I work on gets shared on here, partly because part of my job is to create content for other brands every once in a while as a way to diversify my revenue steams. When you’re self employed it’s important to have multiple sources of income, and so content creation is just part of what I do outside of sponsored posts you might see here. 


June 1st marked one year of living in NYC! I honestly love living here so much. And despite having to pay an arm and a leg and a kidney for rent, it’s absolutely worth it. The city is always changing that there’s never time to be bored or uninspired. Just like the flower installation shown above, it was only there for one day! And I was lucky enough to see it! It’s such a perfect reminder that life can change in an instant and that we should all seize the moments while we can.

Here’s wishing you a happy July!