Behind The Scenes: September

Behind The Scenes: SeptemberThe decorations are out, it’s the end of September, let’s do this fall! I love this time of year because the prospect of all things cozy is in the air, but it’s not too cold and miserable yet. There’s the spirit of change without having to wear a heavy jacket. I live for this shit. Also I’m fairly certain I say something nice about every season at the beginning of it, so let’s talk again Wednesday when it’s 89 and I’m tired of sweating. Now on to this month’s behind the scenes!

Behind The Scenes: SeptemberWork

This month was a bit of a set back because I got pretty sick for a while (on the mend, everything’s okay). Being out of commission for two weeks is hard, especially when you’re self employed. That’s one of the biggest draw backs of this job: if I’m not working, nothing is getting published, and I’m not getting paid. There’s a lot of pressure on being healthy and a certain stress comes with taking any sort of time off. In the end, I’m glad I listened to my body and took time to rest and now I can get back to creating all the fun fall ideas I have in mind!

The picture above is of me and my dad in Florida. I was shooting a photo for American Tourister (see the final shot here), and he decided to take a try at being a blogger. 10/10 he could take my job. 

Behind The Scenes: SeptemberPersonal

We took a short weekend trip to Destin, Florida and met up with my parents and aunt and uncle. It was the first family vacation in a long time and it was wonderful! I live 13 hours from my parents so I really only get to see them a few times a year. Going to try to make this a yearly event!

Behind The Scenes: SeptemberSpeaking of yearly events, every summer my friends and spend a weekend at the beach together, appropriately called Bitches Weekend. Highly, highly recommend this to any group of ladies out there as a way to recharge and connect with one another. This year they threw me a “Beachlorette” party and it was so very sweet and wonderful. Even if I was only having pedialyte and saltines. 

Still trying to decided where to go for the bachelorette party next spring (thinking either Palm Springs or Charleston), so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Behind The Scenes: SeptemberAnd we’ll wrap this month’s behind the scenes up with a photobomb from my dad.

On to healthier and more productive October friends!