BIG NEWS: The Crafted Life Studio

BIG NEWS: The Crafted Life Studio[Thanks for the keychain, Jill Makes!]

Y’all. I can’t believe I am typing this right now. But on Friday last week, I finally signed the lease on a STUDIO SPACE!

This year marks my third year since taking The Crafted Life full time, and it’s such a incredible feeling to be able to expand the business like this. I can’t even count the amount of time I’ve spent moving furniture and working on the ground outside for photoshoots, but I can tell you I am more than thrilled about (hopefully) never having to do that again. 

BIG NEWS: The Crafted Life StudioI’ll be sharing the space with one of my dearest friends here in Philly, Conrad of Streets Dept. If you’re local, keep your eye out for some fun workshops coming later this year!

My hope is that not only will I be able to push out more original tutorials for you guys, but that it gives me the flexibility to have those creative shoots, just for the hell of it. Everything feels so heavy right now, especially after last week, and I’m counting on a little art therapy to get me through.

I also can’t wait to show you more of the space, aside from these immediate iPhone snaps. You just know a good before and after is coming. But for now, it’s time to move boxes of paint and glitter in and get to work!


BIG NEWS: The Crafted Life Studio