Blogging 101: Common Pin It Button Mistakes

Blogging 101: Common Pin It Button Mistakes (and how to fix them!)As a Pinterest addict and full time blogger, I have read more blog posts than I can even count. And since I mainly discover new blogs through Pinterest, I’ve also come across a fair amount of common mistakes bloggers are making. The good news is that these mistakes pretty easy to identify and correct. Here are a few I’m seeing with the custom pin it button:

Problem: Pin it button is only grabbing current page URL.

Okay, so let’s say that someone finds your project on Pinterest and clicks through to see the full tutorial; however, the person who pinned the project originally was on the home page, not the permalink, and the post is over 6 months old by now.  What ends up happening is that the person coming from Pinterest will land on the main page again, while the tutorial they want is far back in your archives. It sends them hunting for a post, which may cause them to leave instantly even though they were initially interested.

Additionally, let’s say that someone reads your blog post, they comment, and then they decide to scroll back up and pin an image. Because commenting often changes the URL to the comment thread URL, (ie if your pin it button isn’t grabbing just the permalink, when someone clicks through, they will be taken directly to the comment section of your post, not at the top where the content starts.

Solution : Make sure whatever plugin you’re using (talking about WordPress here) for displaying your Pinterest share button is passing the permalink URL in the share button code. For mine, all I had to do what check a box (see image below). Easy peasy. And if you’re not using a plugin and are just putting the share button code directly into your theme, this may help.

Blogging 101: Common Pin It Button Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

Problem: Pinterest pre-filled text is blank or the file name of the image.

Solution: This one is super easy– just fill out the alt text when inserting an image! If anyone shares your post, this also goes for Facebook, you can control the caption with what you fill out in the alt text box. By leaving it blank, you are missing out on an opportunity to optimize repins/shares for more click throughs.

Blogging 101: Common Pin It Button Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

So while it’s smart to optimize your photography for Pinterest, you should also make sure the backend is running smoothly to have even greater success. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, my developer is offering a discount to anyone who mentions this post. Drop a note to Gabe at and he’ll be sure to help you out!

  • Carrie Waller

    Awesome info!! Thanks for the heads up Rachel!

    • Oh yay! Glad you found it useful Carrie. Looks like my hours of Pinning are paying off finally :)

  • Yes! This! Thank you. I fully admit to being a pin addict; and nothing bugs me more there then coming across pins that aren’t to the permalink – specifically posted by self proclaimed professional pinners and bloggers. If you consider this part of your job, please don’t send us on a wild goose chase.

    One tip if you -really- want to know the source of a pin from artwork to a blog post; do a google image search with the picture. Often the first few results are also pins, but usually the blog post is near the top.

    • Right there with you Shay! And yes to reserve image searches! It’s been a live saver on more than one occasion :)

  • Sandi H

    Great hints! Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for the tips! Which Pin it plugin do you recommend?

  • transientexpression

    Would you mind sharing what plugin you use? Mine doesn’t have the option to link to an individual post page, though it’s a big pet peeve when pins don’t!

  • modflowers

    Great post. But it’s ironic that when you try to pin it using the pinterest button at the end of the post (as opposed to the buttons that appear on the images themselves) what pops up is not the main post image but the image of the screenshot, AND it is entirely uncaptioned – no image title, no post title, nothing!

    • Ha, isn’t that how it works?! So this post was for the hover plugin. Since the button at the bottom isn’t a plugin, I had to go into my theme and edit my code to fix those issues, which is a bit more difficult. If no featured image is set, WordPress selects the last image (which is usually fine for DIY posts). Fixed now, thanks for the heads up!

      • modflowers

        Glad you got it sorted! I have given up using WordPress’s “Publicize” feature to post links to my Facebook page for exactly the same reason – WordPress was selecting random images, including from my sidebar, never the correct one. You are obviously a whizz with code – I had to go back to posting to Facebook manually. I find that better actually, as the photo isn’t cut off as it is with a Facebook “link” post.