Bow Garland

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: ribbon (wired works best), twine, scissors, hot glue gun

DIY Bow Garland

There may only be 8 days left until Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop decorating! After browsing the #MadeWithMichaels hashtag on Instagram, I came across this holiday garland by Simple Bliss Blog that encouraged me to make one of my own.

Chances are that you’ll have left over ribbon from wrapping/receiving gifts, and before you toss it away, consider making this simple bow garland!


DIY Bow Garland

DIY Bow GarlandYou’ll need about 12 inches of ribbon to make each bow. I recommend playing around with length until you find the perfect size.

DIY Bow GarlandTo make your bow:

Make a loop and hold in place. Wrap the right side around your loop and then make a second loop. Slip the second loop under the ribbon wrapped around your left thumb and pull right. Make your adjustments and snip the ends.

Continue making bows the same way (and same size), until you have enough for your desired length. I made about 12 total.

DIY Bow GarlandApply a dab of hot glue on the back of your bow (in the center).

DIY Bow GarlandPush bow down on your twine until the glue is dry. Hang and enjoy!

DIY Bow Garland

DIY Bow Garland

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