10 Minutes or Less: Vinyl Heart Vase DIY

Time: 2 minutes
Materials: bottle, scissors, adhesive vinyl

2 Minute Vase DIYLet’s start this week off with a bit of excitement, shall we? I’d like to introduce you new column I’ve decided to start called 10 Minutes or Less. I know you guys have been itching for more quick and easy craft projects, so I think you’ll really like this one! The focus of these simple projects, is that well, you can do them in ten minutes or less. Making something beautiful should be approachable, regardless of your schedule or skill level. And if you have two minutes to spare, then you can easily tackle the first project!

After rounding up these vinyl diys, I knew I had to give adhesive a try for myself. Let’s just say, I’m already hooked. It’s so, so easy! If you’re putting together a last minute party, or Valentine’s Day gift, this heart vase is the perfect, easy solution. Here’s how:

2 Minute Vase DIYRemove the label from your bottle then rinse and dry off. Cut out the shape you want from the vinyl, peel the back, and apply, smoothing with your finger. Seriously, could it get any easier?

2 Minute Vase DIY

2 Minute Vase DIYYou’ll want to wash this bottle by hand. When you’re sick of the design, you can peel off the adhesive vinyl and apply a new one! I can picture a whole cluster of these for a summer picnic, can’t you?

2 Minute Vase DIY

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 Ways

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: ornaments, Montana acrylic paint makers

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysGreat news: this may just be the easiest way to decorate ornaments ever. Even better news: Montana is giving away the supplies you’ll need to recreate it yourself (along with the supplies from yesterday’s color block project)!

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysBecause the acrylic paint is in marker form, you’ll have much more control than if you were using a paintbrush. There’s also ZERO cleanup which makes this a project thats great for the whole family. Here are 6 different patterns you could make, though the possibilites are endless:

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysAll you need to do is draw your pattern on; you can freehand or even use a stencil. Simple enough right? The dry time is fast, but do make sure your pattern is completely set before touching so you don’t smear. Other than that, there’s nothing to it! Easy peasy!

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 Ways

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysAnd for the Giveaway! If you entered yesterday, don’t worry, you can enter again (yahoo!). 3 winners will receive 6 cans of spray paint + 6 acrylic paint markers from Montana. Goes until 12/10 at 5:00pm PST (open to US & Canada residents). a Rafflecopter giveaway


Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift Tags

Time: 10 Minutes + dry time
Materials: tags, brush, cranberries, water, paper towel

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsPerhaps it’s because my birthday tends to fall on Thanksgiving, but it’s just not my favorite holiday to make crafts for. This year, however, I came up with an idea that was too easy not to share. So if you’re in charge of bringing cranberry sauce to the big feast, save some for yourself so you can make these dipped gift tags!

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsTo achieve this look, you’ll basically be making a “watercolor” type of paint with the cranberry sauce and water. Take 1 TSP of cranberry sauce and blend with 2 TSP water. Mesh with a form to make sure the pigment is released from the cranberries. Let sit for 2-3 minutes.

Paint on your tags with a brush. Depending on how many tags you make, you may need to add more water to your mixture as you go. Set tags aside and let dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can also blot dry with a paper towel, however, it may remove some pigment.

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsSuch an easy way to add a little color to a hostess (or any!) gift, don’t you think?


DIY Inspiration Board

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: plywood, paint

DIY Inspiration BoardI love Pinterest as much as the next person, but sometimes, it’s nice to flip through an actual magazine. Instead of just recycling the pages that inspire me, I thought it would be fun to put them on display as part of our garage makeover! You can see the before shots here in case you missed it earlier this week.

DIY Inspiration BoardBecause tape doesn’t really stick to cement (if anyone has a solution, by all means spill in the comments), I decided to use a sheet of plywood, so that I could incorporate washi. Side note, Home Depot will cut your wood for you if you need it smaller than the 4’x8′.

DIY Inspiration BoardIt’s unlikely that you need a tutorial here. Basically just paint your wood to your liking! This project would be fun with a pattern too, perhaps dots or stripes. I could honestly do this project 1000 times because the possibilities are endless.

Let dry and tape up your magazine cutouts! Have fun and experiment with different colors and patterns of tape to make your board pop.

DIY Inspiration Board

Recognize that #GIRLBOSS print from anywhere? If not, get yours here! Tomorrow is the big reveal so absolutely be sure to come back to see how everything fits in the new space :)

DIY Inspiration Board