10 Reasons Why you Should Attend Craftcation 2016

10 Reasons to attend CraftcationYou may be thinking to yourself, reasons to attend a conference a year from now?! I know, crazy. But after my experience this year, I feel like you should go ahead and mark this conference down in your calendars because there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll want to attend.  And although this list could be double in length, here are my top ten reasons why I think we should meet at Craftcation next year:

1. The people. The people that attend are the best. Everyone is kind, open, and just willing to help you out with your business. There are no cliques and no feelings of superiority that you might find at other events. To follow with that…

2. The environment. There’s such an energetic buzz that surrounds Craftcation unlike any other. People just want to kick ass at owning their own business and seem to be happy to be connecting with others who feel the same.

3. You get to actually make stuff. Like stuff you’d actually want to make. A lot of times, conferences can be an overdose of information. To balance that out, there are TONS of hands-on craft and food workshops for those moments when you want to switch gears.

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4. It’s on the beach. Had to, because it’s amazing.

5. It’s laid back.  You can wear jeans and sneakers, you can wear lipstick, you can wear dresses. It doesn’t matter. There’s less pressure on changing outfits multiple times a day and more focus on what you’re going to takeaway.

6. Bernina. I first learned to sew at this conference on a Bernina machine and haven’t looked back. Their reps are also just the sweetest.

7. It’s affordable. Tickets are only around $400 (less I think?) for about 4 full days of panels and workshops; the hotel around $160 a night.

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8. The Information. The panels/classes are jam packed with key things you absolutely need to know for your business, ie: bookkeeping, how to build your newsletter and brand, how to take better photographs.

9. City of Ventura. You can wonder downtown (a 2 minute walk away) to wonder in and out of the great thrift shops, restaurants, and of course Superbuzzy. You also get to each lunch at city hall, dinner at the fairgrounds, and some of the workshops are even off site. You aren’t stuck in the hotel the entire time. LA is also only an hour away, great for squeezing in a quick trip.

10. Nicole and Delilah. If you haven’t connected with these women yet, you absolutely need to. Not only do they plan and execute the entire event, but they are present and engaging throughout. They sit on panels. They take the photos. They meet and great you at registration. They genuinely want to connect with the people that come and that energy is felt.


Have you ever been to Craftcation before? What are some of your favorite conferences?



7 Places to Take Classes Online

7 Places to Take Classes OnlineOne of my favorite things about the internet is the amount of knowledge that’s being shared. You can learn essentially anything you’ve ever dreamed of in the comforts of your own home, all for a more affordable rate than most universities. So grab your sweatpants, computer and a notebook, and learn something new today with any one of these seven places to take classes online:

1. Creativebug— art & craft video classes by expert makers. Can access on desktop or through their mobile app. Membership gets you unlimited viewing of classes and is $9.95/mo with a free two week trial.

2. Coursera— classes from top universities that you can do for fun, specialization, or certification. Learn law, medicine, business, etc from professors at Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and more. Membership is $0 (that’s right, free!).

3. Skillshare— creative classes you can watch on your own time. You can also engage and collaborate with other students in your class. Membership ranges from $0-$10 a month.

4. Treehouse— Video classes that focus on web design, coding, business and more. Practice your skills through quizzes and challenges to earn badges and connect with other students in the class. Membership ranges from $25-$50 a month.

5. Atly— Classes that range from business to food, to photography to language and more. Can upgrade account for instructor feedback to help you improve your skills. Enrollment fee varies by class.

6. Udemy— Largest online learning marketplace with a huge catalog of classes (22,000+) on almost any topic. Can even take courses in different languages. Enrollment fee varies by class.

7. Craftsy— creative classes in knitting, quilting, cooking, arts, and more. You can also shop the supplies and pattern section to get the materials for your classes. Enrollment fee varies by class.

*Have you tried any of these platforms out? Know of any others?

DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: biz card holder, gold leaf kit, sponge brush, tape (optional)

DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

I bought a plain business card holder a while back, and even though it was pink, it still wasn’t completely what I wanted. After seeing Chelsea’s amazing project, I knew I had to add something to it. When in doubt, always make it gold, right?

DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderIf you don’t have the time, but still want to add some gold to your business card holder, try liquid leaf instead. That should only take about 5 minutes + dry time.

DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderTape off your design. The end results won’t be perfect, but the tape is great to use as a guideline. Apply the adhesive and let sit for about 30 minutes. It will change from a milky color to clear when it becomes tacky.

Apply your foil. I used a mix of copper and gold leaf, because it’s what I had on hand; however, I recommend using the larger sheets (verses scraps) if you want a smoother application. Remove the tape before leaf is completely set. Brush off any excess, seal, and let dry completely.

Voilà! You’re now ready to hand out your business cards with confidence!


DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderYou can also add a bit of gold inside so that it’s visible when go to get your card.

DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

PS I’ll be attending Alt Summit next week! If you’re going, I’ll be one of the Alt Reps, so be sure to say hello or stop me if you have any questions :)

Crafty Wonderland, This Weekend!

Crafty Wonderland Show, Portland ORHey Pacific Northwest friends! This weekend I’ll be selling at Crafty Wonderland. It’s going to be my first time selling at a craft fair, so if you have any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’ll also be taking detailed notes so that I can share everything I learned, in case you were thinking about selling your goods at a craft fair as well :)

Okay to the details:

When: Saturday/Sunday, Dec 13th & 14th from 11am-6pm both days

Where: The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall D; Portland, OR (I’ll be booth #116)

Who: 280 vendors; see full list here

Additional Info: Free admission, goodie bags for the first 150 shoppers each day, and free craft projects hosted by Collage. Woo!

Can’t wait to see you there!