10 Makers to Follow on Instagram

10 Makers to Follow on InstagramI absolutely love Instagram. It’s by far my favorite social media tool, both to use as a brand and a consumer. So today I’m rounding up the makers/shop owners who make my feed that much more enjoyable! If you’re looking for those revealing behind the scene shots, awesome handmade products, and the occasional cat/dog snap, you should follow these ten accounts asap:

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram1. Quill and Fox

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram2. Betsy & Iya Continue reading…

New in the Shop: Geometric Photo Holders

Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy

After reading your kind responses to my diy geometric photo holder project, I decided to add some to my Etsy shop! Who needs traditional picture frames, right?! You can use these to display photos in your home or even use them as name card holders at a dinner party or wedding. Each piece, made of Makore wood, was cut with a scroll saw, sanded, and stained by hand. I’ll be adding different types of wood and finishes over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

For a limited time I’m also including a mini print of one of my original photographs (pictured above), so I hope you’ll check them out!

Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy


Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy


A Day in the Life of a Craft Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Craft BloggerIt’s always fun to see people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a blogger. Since it’s a somewhat new career, I think the job description is a but unclear to those who don’t blog themselves. And although on the surface it may look like it’s confetti, crafting and cupcakes all the time, there’s a lot of hard work and hours that go into it.

So if you’e ever been curious about what actually happens behind the scenes, you’re in luck. I’m spilling the beans! Working from home has taken a little bit to get used to, but scheduling out my day helps me stay focused. Not every day is the same, and I certainly can’t speak for other bloggers, but here’s what a typical day, Sunday-Friday, might look like for me:

8:00am — Wake up! I read my email, Instagram, and traffic stats from bed as soon as my alarm goes off. This is also around the time I start promoting whatever blog post I publish for that day on social media.  Continue reading…

3 Awesome Photo Editing Apps

3 Awesome Photo Editing AppsLast month I spilled the beans on how to grow your brand on Instagram, so now I think it’s only fair that I share my top three photo editing apps! Unless it’s a photo from one of my projects, I take all of my Instagram photos with my iPhone camera. It’s taken me a while to develop my style (I don’t really care for the preset Instagram filters), but now that I have it, it only takes me about 1-2 minutes max to edit a photo. If you don’t have these already, here are the apps I recommend you download immediately!

3 Awesome Photo Editing AppsVSCO is by far my all time favorite photo editing app. It did take some getting used to at first, but now  using it is easy. There are tons of great presets, and you can buy more packs (starting at about 99 cents). Additionally, and probably why I love it so much, you can adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation and more. It really gives you the most control of all the editing apps I’ve used. Available for Android and iPhone.

3 Awesome Photo Editing AppsI use Afterlight to add special elements to my photos. While they do have preset filters, they also have have fun features like light leaks and polaroid frames. I’ll also use this app to crop my photos if I want a custom size (not square or 4×5). Available for Android and iPhone.

3 Awesome Photo Editing AppsAnd for those moments when my photo doesn’t fit into the standard square frame (see here), I use Whitagram. You can choose from a variety of colors to set as the background, but I find that white is the least distracting and blends into the feed nicely. Available for Android and iPhone.

I hope this were helpful! Most of these do take some time getting used to, but oh the difference you will see in your photos. If you have any additional apps you think I should check out, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!