Apartment Living: Help Me Pick a Rug!

Living Room BeforeApartment update! We still really need to decorate!

I kept the couch and coffee table from my apartment, but ditched the rug when we moved– and with good reason. The one I had previously was a cream like color, and my god did it shed. Not only was it nearly impossible to keep clean, but it would leave stray white strands all over my navy velvet sofa no matter how often I used a rug rake (yes they make rakes for rugs). If I’m going to have hairs everywhere, it better be from a dog. Another thing I noticed is that when we moved the couch, the sections of the rug under the coffee table and couch were discolored as they didn’t wear the same as the other parts that saw traction. So no more shag rugs for me, no matter how cute I think they are!

I’d really love to involve you guys more in the decorating process, so here are the rugs I’m considering right now for our new place. I could go a few different routes, one would be calming and monochrome with the cool blue tones and light patterns. Or I can go a bit more bold with a bright pink, which let’s face it, is kinda where I’m leaning. Seriously, how good would #4 look with that navy?! But I need your help because when it comes down to it, I’m still on the fence! What rug is your favorite for the space above? Help!

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Daisy Tablescape + Free Printable

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Daisy Tablescape + Free PrintableI don’t know about you but I am completely over this dull, grey winter weather. I am ready for sunshine, warmth, and all the colors of spring. To tide me over until that day comes, I decided to bring a bit more life into my home with a fun dye project.

Rit turned 100 years old this year (OMG can you believe it?!) so to celebrate a century of color, and to give my dining room a much needed makeover, I recreated one of their vintage ads with a modern twist!

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6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]

Thanksgiving is this week guys, this week! While I’ll be celebrating at Ryan’s parents house this year, I can’t get all of these beautiful tablescapes out of my head. If you’re looking to take your dinner above and beyond, hopefully this roundup will help you with some decor inspiration! And if all else fails, and you’re looking to make your holiday as stress-free as possible, just make/pick up an extra pie or two… or three or four.


PS don’t forget to check out these Thanksgiving Day crafts and pie recipes if you’re looking for some last minute holiday prep!

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]

6 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes[Source]



Studio Tour

Take a tour of The Crafted Life's craft/photography studio!Earlier this year, you might remember me sharing the news that my friend Conrad and I got a studio. It was such a big step for my business and completely needed for a secret project I’ve been working on for the past few months (I’m getting SO close to revealing what it is). Now that it’s finally decorated, today is the day I can finally give you guys a tour!

West Elm was kind enough to help furnish some of the space so you can find links for the products below as well as additional photos over on their blog. And if you see something that’s not linked, just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to find the product for you. Now– to the tour!

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