Color Crush: Orange Dream

Color Crush: Orange DreamThis month’s color crush is orange dream! And if you’re thinking to yourself that it’s just orange, you’re right. Plain orange didn’t sound as fancy as orange dream so I changed it. But yes, ORANGE! I know it’s not the typical February red and pink pairing, but it just feels like the warm boost we all need to get to the end of winter. And here’s why:

Color: Orange Dream aka Orange

Color Crush: Orange Dream

Pair it With: light peach, a bold + warm pink, bright yellows, aqua, navy, lilac 

Why it’s Crush-Worthy: Because of it’s vibrant nature, I typically use orange as an accent or secondary color. But it is the MVP of accent colors. It makes pinks and yellows seem brighter and it has an undeniable warmth– just think of any sunset. It also pairs well and gives balance to cool colors. It’s less the star of the show (at least to me) and more the color that brings everything together!

How to Bring it Home: I love bringing this color in with accessories or art. I have an orange print in our bedroom and you can find accents of it our rug (you’ll see the full reveal soon)! It’s a bold color, but you can tone it down with paler versions of it for a warm monochromatic look. 

Further Proof Orange is Great:

Color Crush: Orange DreamColor Wheel by Design Love Fest

Color Crush: Orange DreamFashion Photography by Jason Nocito 

Color Crush: Orange DreamCharleston House by Paper & Stitch 

Color Crush: Orange DreamTabletop by Coco Kelly

Color Crush: Orange Dream Orange Gradient by Erin Jang 

Color Crush: Orange DreamSteering Wheel by Jill Reger

For even more color inspiration and ways to bring ROYGBIV into your home, be sure to check out my book Hello Color!