tag your Instagram photos with #colorfullycrafted to get regrammed!Happy Wednesday friends! Some of you may have caught this announcement over the weekend on Instagram, but I started a hashtag feed! Tag your color and fun photos with #colorfullycrafted to be regrammed on my account (with credit of course). Other than wanting to connect with you more through social media, I wanted to start this hashtag for another reason.

Often times I hear that people struggle with finding color where they live. And I hear you. Even though I live on the west coast, Portland for the most part is very much muted browns and greens. But the beauty about life is that color and joy are everywhere when you seek it out.  And even when you’re at a loss, or simply can’t find it in your immediate surroundings, you can be the person to create it. Sometimes all it takes is that bit of extra effort.

I can’t wait to go on this color hunting journey with you!


  • Amy

    Yay for new hashtags! Can’t wait to start looking for more color in my area! Thanks, Rachel.

  • Oh, how fun! Love it!

    • Thanks Jules! There may be a lot of green and brown in Portland but I’m on the hunt for the other colors :)

      • Maybe you’ve already seen it… and it may (or may not) be bright enough for you, but there is a beautiful bright(ish) teal wall on the outside of Satellite Dream Pizza in Sellwood. I’ve been wanting to take a picture there myself for awhile.

        I’ll keep my eye out for ya! ;)