The Crafted Biz: Knowing your Why + Free Printable

The Crafted Biz: Knowing your Why + a free printableToday is such a treat you guys. I’m starting a new column with Tiffany Han called The Crafted Biz, and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve ever met Tiffany before, you know that she’s nothing but amazing. I can’t tell you how many times she’s inspired me to do better as a business owner and just overall person. And now she’s going to be sharing that information with all of you on a monthly basis! As if that’s not great enough, the lovely Ann Shen has designed a free printable so that you can keep yourself motivated until the next column. Take it away Tiffany! 

This column isn’t just about blogging or business but about the crafted biz – the one that you wake up in the morning excited to work on, the one that you can’t help but think about in your down time. This is about you creating and having a business that contributes to the rest of your life.

It’s about getting deliberate and believing that can have and deserve a business that you not only love, but that loves you back. And it’s about taking action towards that business without waiting around for someone else to do it for you.

The first step in making your ideal creative business a reality is to consider your why – why are you doing what you’re doing? What goal do you have in mind? What’s the end game you’re working towards? Without knowing what you’re working toward, you might build a business that looks great on paper but leaves you feeling empty. You might spend all your time on Pinterest and Twitter, reading everyone else’s best practices for a business that isn’t even what you want.

You might do the tricks, set up the systems, and keep taking strides, until, one day, you wake up and look around and realize that this isn’t even what you want at all.


If you don’t have a business yet but desperately want one, keep reading. And if you already have a business but aren’t thrilled with how things are looking, keep reading. Have a biz you 100% love? High five. (But you might pick up a thing or two as well!)

Let’s start by figuring out your end game – what you really really want (Spice Girls style!) so that you have a goal to work toward. Take a few minutes to answer these questions:

  1. Three years from now, how do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning?

  2. What’s your favorite ways to spend your time?

  3. Who do you want to be surrounded by?

  4. What do you want to be surrounded by?

  5. What are the non-negotiable-most-important aspects of your work?

For most of us, the specifics of how we spend our time are less important than how they make us feel. For example, whether I’m recording a podcast or writing a blog post or leading a group coaching call, my goal is to connect with people and inspire them to take bold action. As long as the connection piece is happening, I’m good.

I also know that when I wake up in the morning, I want to feel ease. And confidence. And excitement to get going. So I deliberately say yes to the things that help me feel that way – and no to the things that don’t.

Once you have your why in mind, fill in the blanks of the what. Start with what you already know right now – what are you already doing that makes you feel great? What are you ready to invite more of into your life? What can you let go of that doesn’t leave you feeling like the superstar you are?

The Crafted Biz: Knowing your Why + a free printableThink you don’t know enough to start? Think again. You already know everything you need to. Really. Promise. You can spend your time researching forever. But you don’t even know what you don’t know until you get going. Instead of hoarding information just in case, take a breath and get started.

Raise your hand and say yes, trusting that you will figure things out as you go. Because – guess what? – the fact that you’re reading this blog post tells me that, up to this point, you’ve done a pretty swell job of figuring things out. If you don’t have a business yet, but desperately want to do something creative, what step can you take today?

If you DO have a business, what’s the end game you’re working toward? And how can you take a step toward that end game today? Like really. Today. Right now. Action is the key to everything. Trust that you’ll get the knowledge when you need it. The internet isn’t going anywhere.So take a deep breath, chillax, and take a step.

If you’re waiting for a sign from the Universe that the time to start is right, here you go. What are you waiting for?

Bonus – on Wednesday 9/16, I’m offering a behind-the-scenes look at my business in a free webinar. You’ll see what’s working, what’s not and what I’m looking at next – all in service of my bigger why. RSVP here to get all the deets! And don’t forget to grab your free printable!

The Crafted Biz: Knowing your Why + a free printable