DIY Coloring Book Tote + Free Printable

DIY Coloring Book Tote + Free Printable!It’s pretty obvious if you’ve been following along here, or Instagram, that I love all things colorful. That’s why when adult coloring books became the “in” thing to do recently that I was beyond thrilled! If you’re also into the trend, but want your art to live beyond the outside of your fridge, then you’ll want to make this DIY Coloring Book tote! Here’s how:

Time: 15-25 minutes
Materials: printed tote from Zazzle, free printablefabric markers

DIY Coloring Book Tote + Free Printable!First you’ll want to download this free piñata illustration by The Paper Mama by clicking here. Once you have the design, head to Zazzle and upload it for printing. Their bags are so soft and nice that you could even print a few and host a coloring party with all of you gal pals! You could also just buy this Mandala Tote if you’re looking for a different pattern.

Once you get your tote, color in the design with fabric markers. Depending on your markers there might be some bleed, so I recommend starting off by coloring in the center to see how it takes to the fabric before going right up to the lines. You will also want to put a thin sheet of cardboard or a book inside to prevent the markers from bleeding through to the other side.

DIY Coloring Book Tote + Free Printable!Once all colored in, let dry and you’re done! This project is a fun way to bring color to an ordinary tote bag, plus c’mon, how cute is that piñata?!

DIY Coloring Book Tote + Free Printable!

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