DIY Confetti Stamped Tablecloth

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DIY Confetti Stamped TableclothNow that cooler weather is here, it’s time to start thinking about fall and winter dinner parties! Because why would you want to trek out in the cold when you can serve a great meal to your friends in the comfort of your own home? To protect your table from those inevitable wine stains, and to make your decor pop, you can make this hand-stamped tablecloth in about one hour. Here’s how:

Time: 1 hour
Materials: cotton tablecloth, fabric paint, paint brush, rubber carving block, scissors

DIY Confetti Stamped Tablecloth

I picked up this cotton tablecloth for about eight bucks at H&M. It has such a better feel to it than any synthetic fabric. If you’re not confident in your ability to cut a straight line with scissors, you may want to use a rotary cutter instead (just protect your fingers!).

DIY Confetti Stamped TableclothCut your rubber carving block into strips. These will become your stamps, so make sure they’re as even in size as possible.

DIY Confetti Stamped TableclothSo you don’t get any paint on your surface, work with a piece of cardboard underneath your tablecloth. Apply a layer of paint on one side of your stamp with the paint brush (be generous with the paint, but make sure the application is still even). Stamp!

Repeat this process with multiple colors until you’re tablecloth is completely covered. Let dry, iron, and you’re ready to send out those dinner invites!

DIY Confetti Stamped TableclothSo fun, don’t you think?! Depending on how messy you are at dinner, this could also double as a photo booth backdrop!

DIY Confetti Stamped Tablecloth

DIY Confetti Stamped Tablecloth

DIY Confetti Stamped Tablecloth

  • Love LOVE how this turned out. And you’re just the cutest in these shots!

  • This looks kick-ass, Rachel!! Reminds me of rainbow sprinkles :) What a great way to make fabric for sewing, too!

    • OMG thank you so much Hannah! LOVE the idea of using it in a sewing project too! Rainbow sprinkles on all the things :)

  • This turned out so fun! Also, your tattoos are amazing!!!

    • YAY! SO glad you like the project Chelsea! And goodness, thank you so much :)