DIY Fabric Scrap Garland

Time: 25 minutes
Materials: fabric scraps, scissors, baker’s twine

How to make a fabric scrap garlandAfter making this banner last week, I was left with a pile of fabric and no immediate use for it. I absolutely loved the color and painterly feel the inkodye created, but since the pieces weren’t large enough for any other project, I decided to make a garland! If you’re throwing a party or just want to add a little color to your space, a fabric scrap garland is the perfect way to reuse those pieces of fabric that are too good to toss.

How to make a fabric scrap garlandStart by cutting your fabric into strips (I probably made about 20 for a small garland). Mine were about a half inch in width and about a foot in length. Don’t worry about cutting perfectly straight lines since it isn’t super noticeable; just focus on getting the same length. If you’re looking to save time on this project, I recommend using a rotary cutter instead of scissors– just be careful!

Once you have all your strips cut, knot them on your string. You might have to play with the style of knot a bit until you get your fabric to lay flat; I had to double knot mine. If you’re not sure how long you want your garland, I recommend not cutting your twine until you’ve achieved your desired look, this way you can adjust as you knot.

Once done, hang and enjoy! What do you do with your fabric scraps?