DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: biz card holder, gold leaf kit, sponge brush, tape (optional)

DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

I bought a plain business card holder a while back, and even though it was pink, it still wasn’t completely what I wanted. After seeing Chelsea’s amazing project, I knew I had to add something to it. When in doubt, always make it gold, right?

DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderIf you don’t have the time, but still want to add some gold to your business card holder, try liquid leaf instead. That should only take about 5 minutes + dry time.

DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderTape off your design. The end results won’t be perfect, but the tape is great to use as a guideline. Apply the adhesive and let sit for about 30 minutes. It will change from a milky color to clear when it becomes tacky.

Apply your foil. I used a mix of copper and gold leaf, because it’s what I had on hand; however, I recommend using the larger sheets (verses scraps) if you want a smoother application. Remove the tape before leaf is completely set. Brush off any excess, seal, and let dry completely.

Voilà! You’re now ready to hand out your business cards with confidence!


DIY Gold Foil Business Card HolderYou can also add a bit of gold inside so that it’s visible when go to get your card.

DIY Gold Foil Business Card Holder

PS I’ll be attending Alt Summit next week! If you’re going, I’ll be one of the Alt Reps, so be sure to say hello or stop me if you have any questions :)