DIY Gold Foil Vase

Time: 45 minutes
Materialsgold foil kit, jar, flowers

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

Every now and then I’ll make something that tugs on my heart strings. It doesn’t happen too often, but over the holidays (when I was on a bit of a crafter’s high) I made some votives that made my heart swoon. They were easy to make, matched everything, and most importantly, were covered in gold. Rather than pack those beauties away all year, I decided to keep them out for spring and use them as bud vases. It’s always great when a project can be used for more than purpose, don’t you think?

If you have yet to work with gold foil (I strongly suggest you do, it’s addicting!) hop on over here to get the step by step instructions for this project.

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

For my arrangement, I bought a single bunch of ranunculus, two roses, and one stem of berzelia. With that, I was able to fill one vase with a blend of each of the flowers and the other with just ranunculus. As much as I love a large vase of flowers, there’s something nice about having mini pops of color around our living room.

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

And if you happen to have a hankering for more flowers, be sure to follow along with my new Instagram series #sundayflowerseries! Even if it’s only a stem or two, I’m making the effort to keep fresh flowers in our home on a weekly basis. I’ll be sharing my picks for the week on Sunday, thus, Sunday Flower Series!

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

What are some of your favorite flowers?

  • Ranunculus, lilac, peonie, daffodil! Love how you repurposed your votives as sweet little bud vases, very clever!

    • Thanks Marlene! I would love my home to smell of lilacs, peonies and daffodils year round! Such great choices :)

  • Whaaat. So cuuute!! I’ve been kind of flower-crazy lately, and these are really hitting the spot for me.

    xx MaDonna

    • Thanks MaDonna! It’s hard not to go flower crazy when spring hits! It’s by far one of my favorite floral seasons :)

  • Gorgeous as always. I’ve been trying to keep fresh flowers around on a weekly basis too but have been falling behind lately! I love your idea for the sunday flower series and for sure will be following along :).

    • Thank you so much Amy! It’s amazing how quickly the cost of flowers can add up, isn’t it?! When I’m on a tighter budget, I might just grab one really bold flower verses a full bouquet. That tends to calm my flower envy for a bit :)

  • HelloLidy

    This is absolutely stunning. The flowers are amazing and that touch of gold is perfect! Love how you did the comparison of the winter and spring version :) Amazing friend!


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