DIY Happy Spider Pumpkin

DIY Happy Spider PumpkinI love a wholesome Halloween so much, I decided to squeeze in one last minute DIY! The ghost pumpkins were such a hit last year that I thought I’d do another version: the happy spider pumpkin. Wholesome, colorful, non-creepy spiders the whole family can enjoy. If only they were this friendly looking in real life! Here’s how:

DIY Happy Spider PumpkinMaterials

– Pumpkins
– Paint
– Google eyes
– Pipe cleaners
– Paint pen
– Mod Podge + glitter (optional)

If I had to do this project all over again, I would’ve used plastic pumpkins so I could keep this happy guy year after year! Just something to consider when you’re gathering all the materials. 

DIY Happy Spider PumpkinSteps

1. Paint your pumpkin and let dry. You can paint the stem to keep it simple or for an optional pop of sparkle, combine glitter and Mod Podge and brush on. 

2. Find where you want to draw your face and mark with paint pen. Draw on the smile and then attach your google eyes (should be self adhesive or use hot glue gun).

3. Insert legs into pumpkin. The wire on the pipe cleaner allowed me to just push them through the pumpkin without having the pre-drill. Fold pipe cleaner up once and down once in order to make the leg shape. Repeat for all the legs and you’re done!

DIY Happy Spider PumpkinMake one or an entire lot of them! If I had a stoop you know it would be lined with them and webbing for trick-or-treaters!

DIY Happy Spider Pumpkin