DIY Millennial Pink Sheets

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how to make millennial pink sheetsIt seems that the minute I think I’m finished decorating a room, I already want to redo it. Thanks Pinterest. Because it’s ridiculous to spend that much money and to mix things up that often, I’ve found that sometimes the small changes can go a long way. In this case, with a quick coat of paint and updated bedding, my bedroom feels brand new!

how to make millennial pink sheets

If you’re looking to give your space a colorful refresh for fall, the good news is that you can totally DIY it. With just two bottles of dye, you can turn basic white sheets into a cotton candy dream. Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Rit rose quartz dye (two bottles)
ColorStay dye fixative
5 Gallon bucket

how to make millennial pink sheetsI’m not the only one who thinks millennial pink is timeless, right? I hope not because I need to change my hair color if that’s the case. If it’s won your heart over, just as it has mine, the new Rose Quartz color from Rit is perfect to use!

how to make millennial pink sheetsYou can use your washing machine to dye the sheets. It’s a much easier approach (hands free), if you’re comfortable with adding dye to your machine. If you’re uneasy with that method, you can totally use a bucket! Just make sure it’s large enough for your sheets to move freely so the dye takes evenly.

Fill your container with hot water and add your dye. You can get a range of pink depending on how much dye you add and how long you leave the fabric in the solution. If you add too much of the rose quartz, your dye may come out a darker coral-ish pink, so be sure to follow the instruction guide on the side. It’s best to test with a swatch piece of fabric (you could even use a paper towel) to make sure your solution is right before adding all of your sheets!

Leave your sheets in the dye bath for 10-30 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Once you’ve gotten the fabric to the color you want (keep in mind that it will dry a tad bit lighter), remove from dye and add to the ColorStay Dye Fixative, stirring occasionally for 30 minutes. Remove, rinse, then wash in warm water and detergent and dry.

how to make millennial pink sheetsAnd that’s it! All that’s left to do is make your bed. Or better yet, take the day off to cozy up under your new bedding with a good magazine or two!

how to make millennial pink sheets

how to make millennial pink sheets

how to make millennial pink sheets