DIY Mounted Wall Desk for Two

DIY Mounted Wall DeskHappy 2019 friends! What better way to start the new year than by getting your work area organized?! When Ryan and I moved to Brooklyn last year, we needed a solution to the problem of having two computers but no designated room for an office. We wanted desks to accommodate both of our work areas, but not overpower the size of our living room (it’s an open floor plan that leads into the kitchen). Essentially we wanted it to be functional and offer some storage for our small apartment, without looking clunky or disorganized since any guest that come over will see it. Not only was a mounted wall desk the best option for being both practical and cute, but it was also the most affordable (under $400) out of all the options researched. Here’s how: 


– Drill + 5/16 drill bit
– Tape measurer + level
– #10 Anchors
– #10 Screws
– 6 Twin tracks (70″ long)
– Spray paint
– Shelves in 12″ x 24″ + 12″ x 48″
– 11.5″ shelf brackets
– 18.5 shelf brackets (5 for the base)
– 93″ x 24″ x 3/4″ sheet of Plywood*
– Stain + brush/rag

*Original piece of plywood was 96” long but we had them cut it to size at the hardware store.

DIY Mounted Wall DeskStart by sanding your piece of plywood to get it as possible. I made the mistake of not sanding enough previously and found that cleaning the surface was difficult, so don’t skip this step! Once sanded, stain the wood. It helps to get a stain with polyurethane so that it’s sealed and you only have to do one coat.

DIY Mounted Wall DeskIn a well ventilated area, spray paint your brackets. I chose a variety of colors to incorporate a rainbow theme, but you’re welcome to use any palette that fits your space.

DIY Mounted Wall DeskWhile everything is drying, mount your tracks on to the wall. Each track should be 21” from the floor and have 22” between them. Take your time to ensure everything is level; it helps to have a second person with you for this step. This is by far the most tedious part of the desk because of the tracks are off, your shelves will be too. Don’t rush!

DIY Mounted Wall DeskAll that’s left to do is add your shelves! For the desk, I have mine in the 4th notch up from the bottom, but it’s a preference for what you like and for your chair. Move it around until you get your perfect setting! Place the remainder of the brackets on the tracks, lay your shelf on top and style. While the desk is sturdy enough to hold a computer and more, it’s best not to overload the shelves with a ton of books or with super heavy items to be safe.

DIY Mounted Wall DeskI love this project for so many reasons, but the main one is that you can completely customize it to suit your needs. Whether it’s fewer shelves or different colors, you can make it exactly how you want. And because I know you’ll ask, here are the links to the products: Chairs | Gold Trays | Faux Plant | Blankets

DIY Mounted Wall Desk

DIY Mounted Wall DeskYou can find the tutorial for this striped wall art in my book Hello Color!

DIY Mounted Wall DeskSpecial thanks to West Elm for providing product for the shoot. Head to their blog to see more photos for this project!


  • I am in absolute shock over how incredible this turned out! We are working on a huge craft wall in my studio and I’m so grateful I saw this! We’ll be incorporating a few of your ideas here for sure. Thanks for being so inspiring.

    • OMG thank you so much Lisa! I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off or not, but it’s actually so do-able. Please snap a pic of your craft studio– cannot wait to see it all! <3

  • What an awesome use of all space! I love how you painted the brackets different colors!

    • Haeley! Thank you so much! I’d love to see this in your space, lined with jars of pom poms :)

  • J. Hall

    What an incredibly bright, happy, whimsical, inspiring and creative space you’ve created! In my dreams, this is the space I wake up to each morning. If I had this space, I could be Queen of the world! Fabulous!

    • Thank you so much– I’m glad this space makes you happy too! And OMG you need to make it if that’s how you’d feel in the morning!

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