DIY Ombre Pegboard

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: pegboard, drop cloth, Montana GOLD spray paint

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY Giveaway


So, as you may know, I’m in the midst of an office makeover (here’s a sneak peek!). While digging through my boxes of supplies on a regular basis, it occurred to me that I need a better way of organizing some of my frequently used crafting essentials. And what better way to do that than with a painted ombre pegboard?

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY GiveawayYesterday I showed you how to use Montana’s acrylic paint markers to decorate a planter, but for today’s project, I’m using their GOLD spray paint. This line in particular is my go-to for spray paint. They really have the best colors (takes a few minutes of shaking just to mix all the pigments!) and the coverage is excellent. They’re giving away a small collection of both spray paint and markers to three lucky readers– keep reading to see how to enter!

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY GiveawayStart with your lightest color. You’ll want to spray a bit from the top so that the paint speckles up, giving you the lightest color of your ombre (similar to how I made this). You could also buy a third can and start at the top. It all depends on how you want you blend your colors. Spray to the bottom of your board.

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY GiveawayWith the darkest color, begin spraying lightly (again with the speckle effect), then transition to a solid spray at the bottom of the peg board. Let dry and hang!

DIY Ombre PegboardTo mount, you’ll need spacers, screws, washers and a drill. From the wall, the items should be in this order: spacer, pegboard, washer, screw. This will give you some space in the back so that you can securely hang hooks and baskets through the holes!

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY Giveaway

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY Giveaway

DIY Ombre Pegboard + @MONTANADIY Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered yesterday. Be sure to claim your entires for today as well; ends Friday at 5pm PST!

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  • O man, i want this. In mint colours :)

  • Carrie Stewart Davis

    I love the salmon and toffee!

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    I love the ombre effect you made with it! I have a peg board in my office too (an ombre pink ;) they are the BEST for organizing!

  • Carrie Waller

    So fun! “Malachite Light” took the (color) cake for me =)

  • So fun!!

  • Jeanette Smith

    I love the colors Yellow Submarine, Fern Green and Reef. So many pretty shades.

  • HelloLidy

    This is fantastic!!! I am loving Blue Note :) It’s really hard to choose one though!!


  • jill bragdon

    this is great. my favorite colors are the salmon & malachite light. love!

  • Malachite is my favorite – what a beautiful shade of green!

  • Malachite is a lovely color!

  • MJ

    Gold chrome!! xo

  • Gorgeous greens- my fav! Looking again, I’ll add Pine to my list of fav colors ;)

  • Amy

    Gold is my favorite color, of course!

  • Karla E

    Mt. Fuji, Mt. Everest, Himalaya!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  • Love it! I’m a big fan of pegboards :)

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  • Becky Fierberg

    need gold. unfinished project in the kraft kave.

  • laura s.

    so much fun!

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  • Sarah

    Malachite & Iron Curtain together are lovely!

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